January 14, 2014

Ace: Seven Week, Day Four

Awesome-ness:  Ace got a promotion first day on the job!

Holly hated her new job! She and Jesse were on completely work schedules.  When Jesse got home and headed to bed to sleep, she was rising to get ready for work.  She was starting to become afraid that she'd never have time with her husband again!

But, she definitely understood why Red needed her in the journalism field.  Simis Bachelor and Connor Frio had decided to make names for themselves by exposing corruption in Sunset Valley.  Her goal was to befriend Simis and Connor and point their vigilantism elsewhere.

But something Red hadn't considered was her family name.  Simis heard Alto and was instantly suspicious.  She was going to have to work hard to gain their confidences.


Kristina hung around the house all day, feeling like an intruder.  Jesse was busy teaching Bethany how to talk and use the potty, Holly and Ace were at work.. and her mom... well, her mom was gone. She was alone in the world, even when she was surrounded by tons of people. It totally sucked.

Absently, she turned the radio up to try to block her thoughts.

“Hey, keep it down!” Jesse yelled from the other room.

Oops, Kristina thought as she sheepishly turned the volume down. She didn't want to make Jesse mad! She'd seen him rant before and it was not a pretty picture! He was so hot-headed!

Finally, she wound up just going upstairs to wait for Ace in bed. She couldn't wait to try making love with Ace again... even if she was leaving soon...


Ace was so excited to start his new job!  He had absently kissed Kristina goodbye in the morning and headed off to work. 

At work, he'd been surprised that he got to hang out with his mom and some of her friends.  They spent the afternoon jamming some tunes and she'd talked his boss into giving him a promotion.  AWESOME!
Ace came home and couldn't wait to tell Kris about his promotion.  He hurried up the stairs, but stopped mid-step in the doorway with his jaw hanging open.  Kris waiting in his bed for him wearing a negligee.  Everything else slipped from his mind as he jumped into bed with her.  Geez, I could get used to this! he thought happily.  This is awesome


Holly heard the bed thumping in the other room and put a pillow over her head  God, I miss Jesse, she thought with some irritation.  She glanced at the clock. Only... 3 hours to go until he's home.

When Jesse walked in, he was surprised to find Holly up and waiting for him. “What are you doing up?” he asked with surprise as he got in bed.

Holly didn't even answer, she just pulled him into her arms and pulled him into her arms.


  1. Does Ace saying awesome as his catch phrase have anything to do with his Awesome roll? ;P I just now noticed that.

    1. Hehe... yeah. :) Plus, he's easily impressed & excitable. So, everything is awesome to him!