January 14, 2014

Ace: Week Eight, Day Five

Awesome-ness:  Ace had an awesome date with Becky Baker!

It was such a beautiful spring day that the family decided to head down to the Love Day festival that was in town. 

“A kissing booth,” Ace said excitedly as soon as they first got to the park. “That is awesome!”

It'd been awhile since he'd gotten a kiss, he happily forked over some money to kiss the cute blonde in the booth.  


Not really knowing any other kids her age, Bethany played with Peaches while she waited.  She glanced up and saw Chase eyeing Peaches.  "No, Chase! You can't play with Peaches!  You'll get spit all over him!"

Chase opened his mouth and began to bawl.  Bethany glanced over and saw her mom hurrying over to them. 

"Bethany! What did you say?" Holly admonished her.  

"Nothing," Bethany said mulishly.  Putting Peaches in her backpack, she huffed off, annoyed at her nephew for getting her in trouble.  
Maybe I can find some hidden eggs, she thought hopefully.  That sounded kind of fun.  Bethany started searching around all the bushes and looking around.

That's where she almost tripped over the boy. 

And he had his own doll he was playing with!

The boy immediately hopped up and hid the doll behind his back, as though ready to be made fun of. 
"Hi, I'm Bethany.  Do you want to meet Peaches?" she asked shyly, pulling her doll out of her backpack. 

The boy looked between her doll and Bethany and then his face split into a smile.  "I'm Topher and this is Harry!"

They played with their dolls together for a little bit before jumping up to explore the park together.  They were fast friends.


Bethany wasn't the only one who met someone new.  While he was hanging out watching the boys play, he met a beautiful young lady.  She smiled at him brazenly and Ace was hooked!

"Hey, the name's Ace," he said, introducing himself.  "What's a pretty girl like you hanging out at the park on Love Day?"

The pretty woman nodded towards Bethany and the boy running around the park.  "That's my son, Topher."

Ace pointed towards the boys bopping to the music.  "Those are my boys, Chase and Devon."

Becky nodded.  "Hard to find love when you have kids attached to the hip, huh?" she asked

Ace nodded eagerly, "That's for sure! All my time is split between work and the boys!"  Then, sensing Becky was interested, he added huskily, "But I'd love to spend some time with you."

Becky grinned and flirted back!

Bethany glanced over and then whispered in Topher's ear, "My brother is flirting with your mom!" she giggled.

Topher glanced over towards his mom and frowned.  Oh no, not again, he thought.  She always did this to him!  It was embarrassing!  

"Do you mind if we go to your place?" Topher asked quickly.  He didn't want to hang out and watch his mom get goo-goo eyes for someone else...

Bethany shrugged and the two ran over to ask his Mom and Becky if he could come over. 

Becky had absently agreed and then promptly turned her attention back to Ace.

"In honor of Love Day," she'd said, leaning in close.  "Maybe we should go try out the Love-O-Meter!" she suggested.  "It'll be fun!"

Ace grinned and headed over with her.  Sending a flirtatious grin, their hands had touched as they grabbed the handle together.  

BING!  Chimes sounded as the heart lit up proclaiming their romance a love match.  Ace could only hope!

After such a scientific confirmation of their compability as the Love Machine, Ace had asked Becky out on a date.  They headed over to the theatre to catch a show.   

Afterwards, Ace had shown her some of the behind the scene area.  In one shadowy corner, Becky had pushed him against the wall and kissed him. Ace thought he'd never think of that corner the same way again!

 As they headed outside, Ace pulled out his guitar and played a song for her, hoping it would help win her over.  Girls loved guys that could play guitar, right?

 Finally, Becky yawned and Ace knew it was time to pull the date to a close.

He invited Becky inside as Topher got his things ready to go.

“Look, I had a really good time tonight,” he told her.  "Maybe we can go out again sometime."

Becky smiled as she wrapped her arm around her son and lead him to the door. “Yeah, maybe," she said noncommittally.  "Call me!”

As she left, Ace had a feeling he had tried too hard...


  1. Glad Bethany could find someone to play with who had an IF like she did. I wonder was Topher playing with his doll all on his own? I just think its cool he was doing that.

    Becky is cute. I hope it work out between them.

    1. Topher as totally playing with it on his own. I was trying to find some hidden Easter Eggs in the park for Bethany to find (I never did find any...) But what I found was way cooler! A BFF for Bethany that played with his IF, too! :)

      Becky is a hot mess! Who *hasn't* she flirted with in Sunset Valley? Ace deserves better than her anyways! :)

    2. Ohh ok lol then no Becky for Ace. Don't need a repeat of what Zelda did to Jesse.

  2. As soon as I read about how Topher felt about his mom, I wasn't too sure. Hopefully Ace can see through it and doesn't end up with a squished heart!

  3. It was so cute how Bethany met Topher! And I hope things work out for Ace and Becky :)

    1. That had to have been the cutest kid-meet EVER! When I saw him plop down and play with his creepy doll - I knew it was destiny! :) LOL