January 14, 2014

Ace: Week Eight, Day One

Awesome-ness:  Ace read an interesting music book for work!  (Remember, he's easily impressed & excitable!)

Holly woke up early that morning to make pancakes for breakfast.  It was Ace's favorite. It was the least she could do after his high school love had so cruelly abandoned him.  The ungrateful witch, Holly thought sourly.

Over breakfast she fussed over him.  "Do you have enough pancakes?" she'd asked right after asking if he wanted more milk.

“Holly, I'm fine,” he said. “But, thanks.”

“It's just a shame what she did, that's all!” Holly said, getting upset. “To think that we let that girl into our home after Red died.  Red would have told her what's what!”

Jesse patted her hand. “Holly, calm down. I'm supposed to be the hot-headed one, remember!”

Holly blushed adorably. 

Ace just shoveled the pancakes into his mouth faster, as though he wanted to be done with breakfast and the conversation.

“What'd she do?” Bethany asked, piping up.

Holly waved at Bethany to remain quiet.

Bethany sighed as she took another bite. Why did adults never tell her anything?!  

“Look everyone," Ace said, putting down his fork.  "I'm fine! She left me. Let's just get over it.” With that, Ace pulled out a book his boss wanted him to read and left the breakfast table.

Holly fussed around the kitchen, cleaning and rearranging things while Jesse ran upstairs to do his workout. 
Bethany parked herself in front of the tv and just flipped through the channels all afternoon. She was bored

Pulling out the doll her Grandpa Nick had given her, she decided to have a tea party...

“Look, mama, Peaches is drinking the tea!” Bethany called.
“That's nice, dear,” Holly said distractedly as she worked on her article for work without glancing up.  So sweet, she thought to herself.  A tea party!

Bethany had the best day EVER!  She'd played tag with Peaches...
 ...and fought off pirates with her in the clubhouse!

She'd hugged her doll fiercely when her mother called and told her it was bedtime.  Peaches was like her very best friend!