January 14, 2014

Ace: Week Eight, Day Seven

Awesome-ness:  Ace beat Bethany on the game console.

It was Bethany's birthday party and she was so glad her new best friend Topher Baker came!

 Nobody seemed to understand her quite like Topher.  

One of her other new best friends was Earnest Keaton.  The three of them hung out together whenever they were allowed to.  The other kids at school had started calling them the Three Amigos! 


Jesse brought his new boss, Tracy Seaman.  Holly personally thought the new Crime Boss was too young and too pretty to handle the job, but nobody else seemed to have those reservations.

She must've been getting a mite grumpy in her old age, as well, she thought.  Especially when she saw how close Tracy kept standing to Jesse!

But, her attention then turned to Bethany.   Her sweet, little girl was growing up! she thought tearfully. 

 Bethany blew out the candles and looked around the room.  She didn't feel very different...

Plopping down on the couch with her friends, she asked if they felt any different.

Earnest had flexed his muscles and admitted, "A little bit..."

While Topher had just kicked back his feet and shrugged.


"Hey, squirt, what are you doing watching tv this late?" Ace asked when he walked in and plopped down next to her.  "Don't you know it's going to rot your brain?"

Bethany stuck her tongue out at her half-brother.  "What's your excuse then?" she asked primly.

Ace laughed as he swiped the extra game controller.  "I challenge you to a duel!" he announced playfully.

"Your funeral!" Bethany teased.

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