January 14, 2014

Ace: Week Eight, Day Three

Awesome-ness:  Ace learned Flamenco Fever!

Ace spent a little bit before work trying to teach Chase to talk.  He hadn't had much sleep the night before though, so it was pretty slow going!  Getting frustrated, he jumped up and headed off to work. Chase could be Holly and Dad's problem today!

Jesse and Holly rounded up the tired toddlers and fed them, changed them and tucked them in.  

Jesse came in after looking around the house.  "Holly, where's Bethany?"

Holly looked up, surprised.  "You mean she's not home yet?" she asked, glancing at her watch.

Where was she?

She'd gone over to Carol Funke's house to play. She'd been hurt when she mentioned imaginary friends and Carol had ridiculed her though. Didn't everyone play with their imaginary friends? She wondered.
Bethany had gone over to Carol Funke's house after school, hoping to make a good friend.  But, Carol didn't seem to like her very much.

When Bethany had brought up Peaches, Carol had laughed at her and called her a baby for having an imaginary friend.

Bethany had left in tears.   

Peaches wasn't imaginary! She was real! Why didn't anyone understand?

When she got home, she pulled Peaches out of her backpack and hugged her tight.  "You're real to me!" she told the special doll.

And that was where Jesse and Holly had found her after running downstairs to search for her.  Holly had been so upset that she'd gone over to a friend's house without permission that she'd grounded her from the tv for the rest of the night.

Bethany didn't care, she'd just play with Peaches!


Ace got the promotion he'd been angling for and he learned the Flamenco Fever chords.  He couldn't wait to play it for Bethany.  She loved music with a fast beat!


  1. Bethany and the twins are really adorable!

    1. Lol! Man - this was such a small update! :) Bethany & the kids were such cuties!