January 14, 2014

Ace: Week Eight, Day Two

Awesome-ness:  Ace's kids had an epic birthday party & become bustling toddlers!

Ace raced downstairs hurriedly cleaning. “Everyone's coming over for the twins birthday party,” he said, stuffing clothes under the couch. “Holly, did you get the cakes like you promised?”

“Of course, Ace. They're in the fridge.”

"Oh thank God," Ace sighed.  He'd been so busy that he hadn't even thought about the cakes.  

Ace had only invited a few people - like family and his high school friends, Steve Andrews and Kelly Landgraab. 

Jesse did the honor of helping Chase blow out the candles on his cake. 

And then ran over to pick up Devon, as well.

In what felt like a day, life got a whole lot more hectic with two toddlers crawling around getting into mischief!

Chase was the spitting image of his Grandpa Jesse with his dark black hair.

And Devon looked like his Dad with his bleached blonde locks & black roots.

Ace scurried around after the party trying to get the kids fed before it was time to run off to work.   "Are you sure you got it, Dad?" he asked for the third time.  

Jesse laughed as he boasted, "I can take care of these kids with both hands tied behind my back, kid!"

Ace blew out a pent-up breath.  What was he so worried about?  Of course his Dad and Holly could handle the boys!  

He kissed his kids on the head and hurried off to work.  He was hoping for that big promotion today!


Late that night Holly received the news from her sister Alaina that her father, Nick Alto, had passed away.  The Warehouse was once again without a leader. No one knew who the new leader would be, although a few people had suggested Jesse take the reigns.  

Jesse had declined, saying that he was getting too old to deal with all that mess.

Besides, right now, Jesse and Holly just needed time to grieve for the loss of her father...


  1. Aww the twins are cuties! Poor Holly. I agree that Jesse shouldnt take the leader role. Hes getting up there in age now. Everyone is starting to drop like flies :(

  2. Oh man! I wouldn't want to see Jesse at the head! Not with Simis Bachelor and Connor Frio snooping about! (I know about Connor, my self-sim is married to him!)