January 28, 2014

Ace: Week Eleven, Day Five

Awesome-ness:  Ace throws an awesome Snowflake Day celebration!

"Bethany! How are you doing?" Ace said as he hugged his sister.  "Marriage agrees with you!" he said with a smile.  It was good to see his sister so happy.  Reaching out, he shook his brother-in-law's hand.  "How's the military treating you?" 

Topher grinned, "Good, if you ignore the protesting muscles and long hours!"

Ace laughed. 
 Ace had thrown a big Snowflake Day celebration.  It was good to see everyone together and having fun. 

He glanced over.  Was Becky Baker really flirting with Earnest Keaton?  Ace thought distractedly.  Ew! Earnest had been friends with Topher & Bethany since grade school! 
"Now there you are, sugar! Tell me you're going to perform for us today!" Yvonne said, clapping her hands together.

"Actually, I think Chase was going to play a new song he learned today."

Yvonne sighed.  "You should be the one playing! We're trying to get your name on everyone's lips - not your son's!"

Ace shrugged distractedly, "Maybe I'll play something a little later." He glanced across the room.  Where was Tracy?

"Ace!" she called out from across the room.

Ace light up with a smile when he saw her, holding his arms open. 
"I missed you!" he said. "I'm sorry I've been so busy lately!"
"It's okay! But I thought this weekend you might want to talk about wedding plans!"
Ace smiled. "Yeah sure. I'll check with Yvonne to see if my schedule is clear!" he said.  He turned around before he saw Tracy's smile drop.
“Alright everyone, as Dad would've said, 'Let's get this show on the road!'” Ace called out with a grin!
"Alright, Chase and Devon, front and center.  You open your presents first... together," Ace said, giving the boys the large boxes.  "I wonder what it is!" Devon said eagerly as he ripped the paper off. 

Devon opened it more sedately and smiled when he saw the guitar case.  "Thanks, Dad!" he said.

"Yeah! This is so cool, Dad!  A guitar!" Devon said excitedly.  "Thanks!"

Ace smiled.  "Two guitars for my two guys!  It was Yvonne's idea!"

The boys mumbled their thanks and hurried back to their seats.  "Open yours next, Dad!" Chase called out.
"Alright, who's the wise guy?" Ace said when he'd opened his gift and found a piece of coal.  

Chase laughed loudly and slapped his knee with tears of mirth gathering in his eyes.  "Good one, huh, Dad?"

Ace grumbled.  "Makes me wish I hadn't shelled out for a guitar for you!"


Towards the end of the celebration, Chase pulled out his bass and began playing for family and friends. 

Yvonne's eyes lit up.  Ka-ching, she thought with a grin.  That boy's fingers were magical!
"We should talk about your boy, Ace. I think he's got real talent," Yvonne said.  "What do you think about signing him up at the theater for a few acts?"

Ace hesitated.  "I don't know, Yvonne.  He's still pretty young.  He has school..."
Yvonne turned back and watched Chase finger the strings.  Shame to let talent like that go to waste, she thought.  She'd have to work on him.  Because if there's one thing she knew, she always got her way in the end!


  1. I'm not so sure I like this Yvonne---always gets her way---makes me a bit suspicious about her motives, lol I love how Ace got his sons guitars, and Chase gave him a lump of coal in return, great prank! It's good that Ace has a sense of humor! =)

    1. I love the random gift-giving for Snowflake Day! Jesse got mistletoe the first generation & now Ace wound up with coal. They need to invite over better gift givers!

  2. Omg Ace's facial expression when he opened his present! Perfect. Lol

    Ok Yvonne im going to keep my eye on you missy....

  3. Yvonne is definitely a grasping lady, isn't she? ... but Ace, don't keep disappointing Tracy ... :(