January 28, 2014

Ace, Week Eleven, Day Four

Awesome-ness: Ace meets someone who says she's going to take him to the top!

Ace headed over to the theater first thing in the morning to perform for his fans. 
It was such an awesome feeling seeing how much people enjoyed listening to him play.  And he was damn good, in fact... not to toot his own horn, but some considered him a master guitarist!
Ace looked around and noticed night had fallen.  As he began to put away his guitar, a woman started clapping. “Sugar, that is talent!” she exclaimed, stepping forward to introduce herself. 
 “Yvonne Flores. You got an agent already? Because I can take you to the top!”
Ace was pleasantly surprised. An agent? He thought. Maybe that's what he needed to break through to the big-time!  
"You think you can help me?" he asked, trying not to appear too eager.

"Oh, I know I can help you, sugar.  Maybe we should go iron out the details over dinner," she suggested.

"Sure! That sounds great," Ace said.  "We can meet at the diner...."

Yvonne laughed.  "Oh no, sugar, I've got more class than to be seen at the diner!  The best way to get to the top is to be seen!  We should head over to the fancy bistro down the street!"
As they waited for their table to be prepared, Yvonne smiled at a few people she saw milling around.  It was clear she knew some important people!  "I just love it here," she said brightly. 
When their number was called, Ace headed inside...

...and didn't even give a thought to Tracy or who this dinner meeting would look...


  1. Hmmm, an agent? I hope she is trustworthy!

    Loved the couple dancing on the sidewalk to his music. =)

    1. Yvonne is going to take him to the top. :)

  2. uh oh I guess that would look like a date to unknowing eyes...

  3. Ah, what a trusting soul Ace is! Hopefully Yvonne is on the up-and-up--too bad there's no Mom or Dad to check her out for him!