January 26, 2014

Ace: Week Eleven, Day One

Awesome-ness: Ace buys an awesome new yellow car!

"How's it going Chase?" Ace said when he ran into his son that morning.  Of all the kids, Chase seemed to be the one with his head screwed on right.

Or not...
"It's not fair! All the girls are crazy for Devon and nobody ever gives me the time of day!" Chase said with disgust.  "Did Devon tell you? Cornelia McIrish is going to prom with him!"

Ace tread carefully.  "And have you asked anyone?"

Chase scowled and moodily shrugged his shoulders.  "Who would go with me anyways?" he said sourly.  "I'm just the weird nerd at school!"  Chase spent his time at school concentrating on his work, while his brother Devon was the class clown, making new friends and chatting all day with them. 

Ace frowned.  "You're not weird, Chase! The teen years can be hard..." he started to say.

Chase crossed his arms.  "What would you know about it? You had mom and tons of friends!"

It galled him to have Kristin thrown back in his face.  The boys had seen posters of her performing on the piano in the Grand Ole Big City Opry.  She'd apparently made it big, but in his opinion, she'd missed out on some of the most awesome kids in the world!  It definitely drove him to up the ante at work, though.  

Ace considered his son and offered some advice.  "Grandpa Jesse always used to say the best way to blow off some steam was to exercise.  We can go upstairs to his old treadmill and..." 
Chase scowled.  "Some advice!" he snapped as he walked off in a huff.


The morning flew by & Ace knew just the thing to get the family up and moving.  "Come on guys, I wanna show you something," Ace announced, getting everyone's attention.

"What is it?" Chase asked.

Devon glanced away from the TV, "Do I have to get dressed?"
"It's a surprise..." Ace said, "Let's go out front... Devon - get dressed.  It's almost noon for crying out loud!"
"Oh cool! A new car!" Devon said jumping up and down.  "Can I drive it dad? Can I? Can I?"

Ace laughed as he tossed the keys up in the air and caught them.  "Nope. I thought Bethany might like to drive us over to the park."

"Really? Me?" Bethany said with surprise.

"Sure," Ace shrugged.  "It's about time you learned to drive! Come on, we're going to the park as a family!"

The boys groaned as Bethany greedily grabbed the keys.  She didn't care where she had to go! She was going to drive!
Ace sighed as all the kids ran in different directions when they got to the park.  Chase headed over to the chess tables and began moving around pieces, Bethany spotted Topher and ran over to fawn over him.  At least Devon hung out with him, Ace thought.  But it probably had something to do with the platter of freshly made hot dogs that he started scarfing down...
Work called and Ace headed over to the theater to do a performance.  He was already starting to gather a small fan-base.  Eat that Kristin, he thought with some satisfaction.  I didn't have to run off to the Big City to make a name for myself!


  1. lol, the first day hubby and I taught our oldest daughter how to drive, the song, "Stayin' Alive" came on the radio, I kid you not. I've never thought of that song the same since then, haha. How awesome that Ace uses his new car to teach Bethany how to drive.

    Kristin seems to be doing well, but Ace seems to have some unresolved feelings about her, since even the mention of her makes him unhappy. =)

    1. Ha! I remember trying to teach my younger sister to drive without my seat-belt on when I was a teenager (because I'm brilliant like that). After hitting the windshield on acceleration & the sudden stop, I resolved to never teach my children to drive. :)

      Yeah, Ace is a little bitter about the way Kristina ran out on him. I think he's also a little jealous she's getting the fame & fortune. That helps push him to stay awesome & reach for rock stardom!

  2. Boy Chase sure blew his top didn't he? lol That was totally unexpected from him. :P I laughed when Ace suggested exercise, Chase just blew it off. Jesse would be rolling in his grave.

  3. Wow, Kristina made it on the Grand Ole Opry? Did NOT expect that! You go girl! ... too bad she never calls or writes though, poor Ace.