January 28, 2014

Ace: Week Eleven, Day Seven

Awesome-ness:  Ace becomes an instant celebrity and Pop Icon!
Ace laid in bed and thought about how far he'd come in his life.  As lead guitarist, he was really moving up in the world - becoming a small-time celebrity!
But his kids were growing up so fast.  The place would be pretty empty without them, he thought sadly.   he should take them to the park for some good old family bonding!

Maybe while he was there he'd be able to think of some way to give Chase a little confidence boost!

Of course they headed to the park, Chase rolled his eyes.  Dad always thought the park was such a great family bonding experience.  But more often than not, they never actually hung out together!
And true to form, Devon ran off with Cornelia the minute they got there.  They were checking out the snow-boarding. 

"Hey, pull your bass out, Chase," his Dad said.  "Let's jam together."

"Here?" Chase asked, a little nervous.  "Are you sure?"  He'd played for friends and family before, but never in front of people, like strangers

"Yeah, we can play some Snowflake Day tunes.  I bet it'll put a smile on people's faces."

"Well, okay.." Chase said hesitantly, pulling out the bass.

A short time later and Chase was really into it!  It was so cool to see strangers walk by and smile or start to dance when they heard their music.  And people really were liking his bass!

"Ace! There you are, sugar! I've been looking everywhere for you!" Yvonne said, carefully stepping through the snow in her heels.

Ace stopped playing and slung the guitar over his shoulder.  "Hey, Yvonne. What do you have for me?"

Yvonne grinned.  "The perfect venue!  Lone Wolff Lounge!"

Ace's eyebrows raise.  "Wow. I'm impressed!" he said. 
Yvonne playfully slapped his shoulder.  "And you should be sugar. I had to call in a lot of favors.  Now you need to go, order their fruity drink and then play a set for their customers.  It'll be great publicity all around!"

"Great! When?"

"Now!" Yvonne said, herding him to his car.

"Now?" Ace said, glancing over his shoulder at Chase. "But, I was..."

"You just go. I'll hang out with Chase! Go! Go!" Yvonne said, swatting Ace on the rear.  Shaking his head he trotted to the car.  He wasn't sure how she did it, but Yvonne somehow always managed to get her way!

Yvonne smoothed her skirt and ran a hand through her hair before she turned back to Chase, who stood there looking at her like a deer in the headlights.  Perfect, she grinned.  "Well, sugar. I was wanting to talk to you about that magnificent bass you have there!"

Ace drove over to the Lone Wolff Lounge, the trendy new hot spot in town.
He walked in and smiled at the bartender.  "Hi, I'm..."

The bartender squealed. "Oh I know who you are! Ace Black! I just love listening to your music! I couldn't believe it when the boss said you were coming in!"

Ace grinned sheepishly.  "That's me.  Um, I'll have a Simoleon Sunrise."

"Great choice, Mr. Black! I'll have it mixed up for you in a jiffy!" she said.  When she slid him the drink, she included an extra napkin.  "Do you think I could have your autograph?"
Ace laughed as he signed the napkin.  "Sure, why not! First time for everything, right?!"  He couldn't believe how popular he was getting.

Especially with the ladies, he thought when a beautiful young woman walked by, giving him the eye.

"Those drinks look yummy," the woman said, sidling up next to him.  "May I?"

"Sure, by all means," he said, handing her a drink. 

As she sipped, she stuck out her hand, "Haley Song, nice to meet you."

Ace shook her hand and cocked his head.  She reminded him of someone...  "Have we met?"

Haley smiled.  "No, but we have now," she said, laying it on a little thick.

Ace shook his head. Wow. He'd never had the ladies throw themselves at him before!  "Um, well, I'm off to do a set.  I'll see you around," he said, extracting himself from a potentially awkward situation.
As he headed upstairs, he conferred with the piano player and they agreed on a few jazzy songs.  As he glanced around at the crowd gathering, he noticed all his fans were hot, young ladies! 

There were definitely a few perks to being a celebrity! he thought with a grin.

After the last song was finished, Ace called out, "I'll be at the theater all week! Come join me at the show!"
He bowed as the ladies clapped and cheered and then hurried to the theater.  Maybe he could get in an impromptu performance.
As Ace left the theater that night, he slipped on his shades to try to get home incognito.  After all, he was a Pop Icon now and pretty much the only celebrity in town.

He wondered how much life was going to change now...


  1. Oh dear---Ace you left your son at the mercy of that woman! I just don't trust her...

    Ace looks awesome in his rock star clothes. =)

    1. Yeah he does! I wish I had more time with him & that outfit before he got bumped up to Pop Icon (which just adds lame sunglasses)!

      What?! What's *not* to trust about Yvonne? :)

  2. Just for the simple fact that she *always* gets what she wants is unsettling to me. I hope im wrong about her though.

  3. ... Song? ... As in child of Anne Song? *shakes her head* Oh, Ace ... :(

    1. Lol. Yeah, I just thought it was funny that Ace ran into Anne & Xavier's daughter. (Anne & Xavier got engaged, but never married. I like to think she was jealous of Jesse & Holly's relationship until the bitter end, but that's just because she thought she knew better than me!) :)

  4. The Lone Wolff Lounge, what a cool idea! What happened to the Wolff family? Died without an heir, huh?

    1. The Wolff's residence was really the best place to have a club in town! I decided it would have to be upscale.

      I actually had the Wolffs move out. The Wolffs actually were prolific! Thorton Wolff had 2 children with Morgana before she kicked him out for cheating. The most well-known son was Melvin Wolff, who later had Clifford & Nathaniel Wolff.

      After so many generations, it's fun to look at the family trees!