January 28, 2014

Ace: Week Eleven, Day Six

Awesome-ness: Ace is promoted to Lead Guitarist!

The  day had finally come, Chase thought, disgruntled.  Prom.  He stared at himself in the mirror and sighed.  And he was going.  Alone.
Chase had been surprised that Devon hadn't rushed off with his sweetheart, Cornelia, in the limo.  "You don't want me hanging around. I'll be a third wheel," Chase argued. 

Devon shrugged nonchalantly.  "Eh, we agreed we'd meet at the prom.  She's going to head over with a few of her friends."  

Chase looked at his brother out of the corner of his eye. 

Devon rolled his eyes and held his hands out wide. "What? What's the big deal! We'll go together!" he said with some exasperation.  He actually felt bad that Chase was going alone, so he'd told Cornelia he'd meet her there.  And she was bringing a friend they hoped might hit it off with Chase...


"Well, this is it..." Chase muttered under his breath as he walked up the snowy front steps.  "Should be a fun night."

Devon clapped him on the shoulder.  "It's going to be great!" he said excitedly.
Chase was embarrassed to discover that Devon and Cornelia had set him up with her friend, Amelia.  But, she'd stayed by his side the entire night.  That had to mean something, right?

He watched as Devon boogied to the stage & accepted his crown and suggested to everyone that the school needed a prank. The chaperones were not too happy with him. 

So, of course, Devon & Cornelia were the dynamic duo of the dance. Everyone was copying their moves and check out their style. Anyone could see there was definitely some chemistry there.

Chase sighed and glanced at Amelia, who sat fidgeting next to him.  "Umm... so.... do you want to dance?" Chase asked hesitantly.  

Amelia glanced over at him and her mouth dropped open.  "Umm... I... uh... I'm sorry," she said hurriedly, glancing down at her hands.  "I don't dance!"

Chase sighed as he watched his brother tearing up the dance floor.  "Yeah, me neither..." he said stiffly. 


"So? How was it?" Ace asked when he saw Chase come in.  He glanced at the clock.  Alittle early, he thought to himself.  "Where's Devon?"
 Chase shrugged.  "He went out with Cornelia to celebrate their big win.  Prom King and Prom Queen," he mumbled, a little bitterly.  It's not that he wasn't happy for his brother.  He was!  He just.. well.. he just wished that sort of thing came easier to him, too.
Ace pats Chase's shoulder. “Your time will come, Chase."

Chase shrugged.  "I'm just going to go to bed."
Ace sought for some way to cheer up his somber son.  "Hey! Did I tell you that Yvonne loved your bass playing.  She thinks that you could have a real future at the theater!”

"You're just saying that!" Chase said skeptically.

"No! Honest! She said she thought you had real talent!"

Chase mulled the news over. "Huh. I always thought I'd go into the science field. I couldn't make it as a lead guitarist, like you! I'm no rock star!"

"No, but you could join the Symphonic Music career track!"

"Yeah, sure," Chase scoffed.  "Thanks for the pep talk, Dad.  I'll see you in the morning."

Ace watched his son slouch away and shook his head.  He just wished Chase had more confidence in himself!


  1. Aww, poor Chase. Though I think it was really sweet of his brother to be concerned enough about him that he tried to help by setting up a date for him. Too bad the date didn't go well though.

    1. Hehe... yeah... good old Devon looking out for Chase. In reality, Chase & Devon hopped in the limo together to go to Prom & I yelled at Devon, "What about Cornelia?" She headed over by herself later. I imagine it must've been worked out beforehand... :P

  2. Aww Devon that was so schweet of you. <3
    Gosh I wish I could go inside the game, get infront Chase and warn him away from Yvonne. I just don't trust her.