January 26, 2014

Ace: Week Eleven, Day Three

Awesome-ness:  Ace awesomely supported his sister's graduation! 

"Come on everyone!" Bethany said anxiously as she waited for the boys to get in the car.  "You're going to make me late!"

"If we're late it's because you had to stop and do your hair ten times! And you can't even see it under the hat!" Devon mumbled grumpily.  He did not like waking up early in the morning, especially not to go to a school function.

Ace held his hands out for peace.  "Everyone, calm down.  We are not going to be late," he said to Bethany.  "Devon - keep your trap shut!"  The last thing he needed today was Devon mouthing off!
"Where am I supposed to park?" Bethany asked anxiously.  There were no free parking spots!

Chase pointed.  "There's a spot!"

Bethany reversed and pulled into the spot.  "It's a block away, we're going to have to hurry!"
As they approached City Hall's front doors, Bethany took several calming breaths.  "This is it, guys!" she said happily.  "I'm graduating today!"

Devon rolled his eyes.  "Big deal," he mumbled.

Chase rolled his eyes at his brother.  "Don't you take anything seriously?" he asked.

"I don't have to! You take everything seriously enough for both of us!" Devon shot back hotly.
"Guys!" Ace said walking up.  "Not another word! This is Bethany's day!"
As the boys walked a few feet away to bicker, Ace shook his head and pulled Bethany into his arms.  "I'm so proud of you squirt!"

With the boys still bickering quietly, they headed into the City Hall for the graduation ceremony.


"VALEDICTORIAN!" Bethany cheered as she leapt into Topher's arms.  "Who would've thought!"

Topher laughed. "Yeah, don't forget Most Likely to Never Leave the House!"

Bethany rested her head against Topher's strong shoulder and sighed.  She felt so happy in his arms.
"Well, I think I'm going to surprise everyone on that count!" she said with a grin, dropping to her knee. "I've decided I'm kinda partial to your house.  That is... if you'll marry me..."
Topher grinned as he pulled Bethany up to her feet.  "You beat me!" he said, showing her the ring he'd bought for her.  "I was going to propose to you tonight."

Bethany wrapped her arms around him.  "So, is that a yes?  Don't keep a girl waiting!"
Topher slipped the ring on her finger.  "That's definitely a yes."  Then, with a gleam in his eye, he added.  "And we're at City Hall right now anyways. Let's just do it! Get married here without the fuss!"
"I love it!" Bethany said, wrapping her arms around her husband.  "I don't want to waste a single moment not being your wife!"

(And they didn't waste a moment hurrying home and celebrating their wedding.  Two hours later, Mrs. Bethany Baker-Black was pollinated by one Mr. Topher Baker.)


  1. lol, they are a really cute couple, yay for pollination--er baby!! =D

  2. "You beat me!" -- lmao.

    Awww so cute.