January 26, 2014

Ace: Week Eleven, Day Two

Awesome-ness:  Ace throws an awesome birthday party for Bethany!
"How's it feel, Bethany?" Devon asked from a few seats back.

"How's what feel?" she asked him.

"Aw, come on! You know! Your birthday! You're gonna be 18 and can do what you want!"
Bethany shrugged.  "I dunno.  Doesn't feel any different," she said sadly. "Besides, I don't think Ace has planned anything."

Devon rolled his eyes in return.  "Oh come on! You know Dad's got something big planned for you! He wouldn't forget your big day!" 


Ace grinned.  Good, the park had put up the Snowflake Day tree and presents. 
He had vague memories of building a snowman with Dad and Anne.  He wasn't sure how much was memory and how much was hearing the stories and seeing the picture on the wall.
It felt like a million years ago...

Shaking his head, he let the memories pass.  He had work to do!


"Good! You got my message at school!" Ace said when Bethany and the boys headed over to the park after school.  "I was worried they wouldn't give it to you in time!"

"What's going on?" Bethany asked.  She recognized a few people from his work and... Aunt Alaina? "What is Aunt Alaina doing here?"

"Are you kidding?" Ace announced.  "It's your big day!"
He handed her a present with a flourish.  "And for you!"
Bethany opened the box and pulled out a set of keys.  "Keys?" she asked, then brightened.  "To the new car?!"

"Not so fast there, squirt!" Ace teased.  "The new car is mine.  This is to Dad's clunker.  It'll get your around while you get on your feet."

Tears came to Bethany's eyes.  "I thought you got rid of it!"

Ace shook his head.  "Nah, I couldn't get rid of it.  I had it in the shop getting worked on.  I wanted to make sure it was ready for you."

Bethany threw herself into her brother's arms.  "You are the best big brother in the world!" she said tearfully.
Bethany looked around at her friends and family and grinned. 
Then, her eyes met Topher and her heart skipped a beat.  He was so handsome!  
"Happy birthday, Bethie," Topher said, reaching out to hold her hands.

"You too, Topher," she said, running her hand down his new suit.  "Nice outfit."

"Aw, you say that all the boys," he joked.

Bethany shook her head.  "No. Only to you. I'm completely faithful to you!" (Bethany got faithful reputation)


Bethany wasn't the only one working on her reputation. 
"Cornelia!" Ace said, hugging her.  "How's it hangin'?"
Cornelia grinned.  "Wonderful since I ran into you!"

Devon grinned back and leaned forward, flirting with her.  He loved everything about this chick! Her fun, vibrant personality; her curly-can't-be-tamed hair, and the way she kissed!
"Wanna blow this joint and find something fun to do!" Devon asked with a waggle of his eyebrows.

"Love it!" Cornelia agreed, grabbing his hand as they raced away, unseen...


Well... mostly unseen...

Chase watched as Devon and Cornelia raced off and felt a wave of jealousy stir inside.  If only he could be as outgoing and devil-may-care as his brother! 

But, noooo, he was too serious and neurotic for the girls.  He sighed hopelessly.  He'd probably be alone his whole life...


At home, Chase's fingers flew across the strings of the bass, relieving all the frustration and jealousy that had been building up in him.

It was such a release! he thought as the music flowed from his soul.

Before long, Bethany emerged from her room to listen and Ace came downstairs and joined him with his guitar.
Now this was blowing off steam, Chase thought with satisfaction.


Late that night after the household had long since fallen asleep, Devon came creeping inside.  He'd probably be grounded forever for missing curfew, but Cornelia had been worth it!
He went to sleep dreaming about her...


  1. Aww, Bethany's all grown up now. She and Topher are a cute pair.

    Speaking of cute---Cornelia is really cute, and is that Devon being a big ole flirt? lol Then he stayed out late---he's going to get himself in trouble!

    Poor Chase---he seems pretty woebegone. It seems like he has inherited the love for music though. =)

    1. I wish I could've kept Bethany & Topher in the legacy household. I love how cute they are together!

      Poor Chase is having a rough patch as a teenager. But, I think that's what you could expect from a neurotic snob. :) I imagine they find it hard to relate to people!

  2. Yea being a neurotic snob probably wont get him much luck with the ladies like his twin but im sure he'll meet someone who's a good match for him someday.