January 17, 2014

Ace: Week Nine, Day Five

Awesome-ness: Ace has another amazing date with Tracy.  Maybe she's the one...

"Where are we going Dad?" Devon asked from the front seat as Bethany folded her arms across her chest in the back seat.  No surprise, she'd wanted to hang out with Topher today...

Ace sighed and said brightly, "It's Leisure Day! We're going to celebrate as a family!"

His announcement was met with a chorus of groans.

They had barely arrived at the park when Ace got a phone call from Kelly Landgraab asking him to come over for a pool party with the movers & shakers at his house.  Ace hedged.  It would be good for his career to rub elbows a bit... but he'd promised the kids family fun at the park!

Wincing, he turned to Bethany.

"Wait, let me guess. You have to go," she snapped.

Ace guiltily handed her $50.  "Invite Topher over, just have fun with the boys, okay?"

Bethany's eyes had lit up at the mention of Topher.  "Okay!" she said brightly.  "This is going to be great!"


Ace pulled up in front of the Landgraab's home in his rust bucket.  As he handed the keys to the valet and tried to ignore the look of horror that crossed the guy's face when he realized he was going to have to drive the sloppy jalopy...

He tipped him well and then headed inside.

"Ace!" Kelly Landgraab greeted him with a hearty handshake when he stepped through the door. "How's it going, buddy?"

"Going good, Kelly.  Man, this is some place you've got!"

Kelly grinned and held his arms out to the side.  "Born with the silver spoon in my mouth, I guess!"  Kelly paused, "But you! I'm jealous of you! I'd love to be able to join the music industry and play the guitar like you do!"

Ace shot him a look of disbelief.  "What?" he asked with surprise. "You'd give this place up for guitar?"

Kelly laughed.  "You probably think I'm crazy. But, I'm stuck wheeling and dealing in politics when I'd love to just say 'to hell' with it all and pick up my guitar and play."

Ace shook his head.  "Geez, just pick up the guitar and play then!"

Kelly shook his head ruefully. "Your cousin Candace would kill me."

Ace rolled his eyes.  Apparently Candace hadn't mellowed in the passing years.  "Where is she, by the way?"

Kelly pointed upstairs, "She's upstairs with the girls.  Pregnant again!" he said proudly.  "Well, come on, let me introduce you around!" he added with a slap to Ace's shoulder.

Ace spent the next few hours being introduced to some of the most boring people he'd ever had the misfortune of meeting!  Guess being in the politics business was as a big of a grind as Kelly had made it sound like.  He actually wound up pitying the guy a bit...

Ace had just gotten out of the pool when he saw Tracy.  "What are you doing here?" he asked with surprise.

Tracy shrugged. "Came by to make a donation to the boys at City Hall and saw you in the pool. So, I waited..." she grinned.

Ace pulled her into his arms for a passionate kiss, then ruefully pulled back.  He was sopping wet!  "Let's get out here!" he said, grabbing her hand and pulling her away.

Ace and Tracy spent the evening walking around aimlessly..
...just enjoying each other's presence...
 and acting like a couple of love-struck kids...

Finally, as night fell, Ace said that he needed to get home to his kids.

When he walked in, he found his boys eagerly awaiting his return.
"What did the house look like, Dad? Was it beautiful?" Chase asked.  He was dying to hear all about the Landgraabs place!

"Yeah, Dad. Was it fun? Who was there? What'd you do?" Devon asked, rapid-fire.

Ace grinned down at the boys.  "Come on over here and sit down.  Let's talk..."  Ace decided it was time to tell the boys that things were getting serious between Tracy and him...


  1. I included the scene about Kelly Landgraab because it doesn't matter how many times I go in to put him in the music industry (he wants to master charisma & guitar), he keeps switching back to politics. Fine! I get it! You were born to follow in your mother's footsteps - geez! I also love that Kelly is so affiable and friendly despite his wife's meanness. He seems like a "yes honey" kind of guy to me... :)

    1. That's hilarious. Don't you just hate when they do that? Go switching around on you like that. With a wife like Candace he's bound to be a yes man, she's mean as hell lol. Probably the only type of man that could put up with her. Ok maybe I'm being mean now. :P