January 17, 2014

Ace: Week Nine, Day Four

Awesome-ness:  Ace had an amazing first kiss with Tracy Seaman.

Holly had stumbled across the Do's and Don'ts of Dons while she'd been packing up some of Jesse's things.  With a small smile on her face, she laid down in his spot to read it.  They wouldn't miss her at work...

Ace found himself at loose ends before work.  The house was too quiet without Dad around and Holly had taken to staying in her room for long periods of time.  He was worried about her.
But more importantly, he just needed to get out of the house for a bit...

Then, he thought about Tracy...


"Hey, thanks for meeting me here," he told her as they met outside the diner.

Tracy smiled wistfully.  "I was hoping you would call," she admitted, handing him a bouquet of red roses.  "I know it's cheesy and that I'm a girl and not supposed to give you the flowers, but well, I just wanted to do it anyway," she rambled a bit, clearly embarrassed.   Tracy kicked herself for making a mush of it.  Why am I such a hopeless romantic, she thought irritably.

 "No! I love them," he reassured her.  "The truth is, I've been thinking about you, too," he found himself admitting.  Then feeling a little self-conscious himself, he ruefully added, "And I haven't done this for awhile... you know... dated..."

Tracy grinned and reached for Ace's hands.  "I'd like that, you know. If we dated..."
Ace leaned forward and gave her a quick first kiss.  "I think I'd like that, too."


"Topher, what are you doing here?" Bethany whispered as she looked around the yard for Ace, not wanting to get caught outside.  She was grounded today and Topher wasn't supposed to come over.

"But I sure am glad you came," she said with a smile. 

Topher grinned widely.  "I came to pick you up for Prom," he told her, handing her a corsage.

Bethany freaked.  Oh God, how did I forget Prom? she worried.  "Oh no..." she moaned.  What should she do?

Topher mistook Bethany's hesitation as a bad sign.  He awkwardly added, "Unless you didn't want to go together anymore..." his hand fell and he started to turn away.

"NO!" Bethany yelped, reaching out for him. "I do! I do want to go with you! Wait! Just wait, okay?"
Bethany hurried inside and put on her dress as quickly as she could, praying that Topher waited for her.

Bethany ran into Ace as she was frantically getting ready.  She saw Ace's eyebrows come down when he saw her dressed to go out.

"Wait!" she cried before he could say anything.  "It's Prom! I can be grounded tomorrow okay? Please don't make me miss Prom!"

Ace reluctantly agreed, letting her off the hook.  "Have fun, but be home by curfew," Ace added.

"Oh I will! I will! I will!  Thank you so much Ace!" she said excitedly, giving him a big hug.  "I won't let you down again! I promise!"


  1. That was so cute for Tracy to give *him* flowers. :D They looked cute together! I'm glad Ace let Bethany go to her prom, she seemed sincere enough.

  2. That was nice of Ace. Sometimes mercy is better than justice. :)

    1. I had every intention of keeping her grounded, so when Topher came over, I was surprised. So, I sent her to sneak out and talk to Topher only to realize it was Prom Night! Lol. She couldn't miss Prom!

  3. Tracy is really sweet! But wil Ace's single parent roll, I'm afraid it's doomed again...

    1. I was surprised when Tracy handed him some glowers! It was adorable! Hopefully they can find a way to make it work until the twins are teens! ;)