January 15, 2014

Ace: Week Nine, Day One

Awesome-ness:  Ace's kiddos had an epic birthday party as they aged up to children!

Jesse wondered why Holly was giving him the cold shoulder the next morning.  Finally, he managed to coax her into telling him what her worries were.

He couldn't help it - he laughed.  "You think for one second I'm tempted by anyone other than you?" he asked incredulously.  "Holly, I'm eternally faithful to you," he said, pulling her into his arms.

Holly sighed dreamily as her husband proceeded to show her how much he was still turned on by her!


Ace got off of work and called up the folks to meet him at the park.  He wanted to celebrate the boys birthday somewhere fun and exciting for them.  Let them run around and be kids!

 Ace held Chase up so that he could blow out the candles...

"Happy birthday, Chase!" the family hooted and hollered.  Chase glanced around and frowned.  As far as birthdays went, this one was pretty strange. It was so dark you could hardly see anything!

He clapped, much less enthusiastically then his family, when his Grandpa Jesse hoisted up his twin brother Devon to blow out the candles on the second cake.

"Happy birthday, Devon!" they all cheered, whirling their noisemakers. 
Devon grinned and jumped up and down excitedly.  "It's my birthday! It's my birthday!"

Before they left for the night, Holly gathered everyone over to the photo booth to take a nice family picture.

"I love having pictures of our family as it grew", she said wistfully, ruffling Chase's hair.

Chase pulled back slightly and grimaced.

Devon glanced around to make sure no one was watching and licked the frosting off the plate.  "Mmmmm.... cake!"

Devon hurried over to his Grandpa.  "Hey, Grandpa! Guess what! Dad bought us bunk beds!  I'm going to get the top bunk," Devon said proudly. 

Chase frowned. "But I wanted to be on the top bunk," he said, annoyed that Devon had run over and interrupted his conversation with Grandpa. 

"Work it out, kiddos," Grandpa said.  "I'll come tuck you in soon."

Jesse knew that the boys would need to work it out without any input from him.  The boys were as different as day and night... hopefully there wouldn't be too much fighting in the house!

Jesse hugged Bethany good night.  "Good night, princess," he told her.  

"Dad! I'm too old to call princess now!" Bethany half-heartedly complained.  Secretly, she still loved it when her Dad called her that.  It made her feel special.

Jesse play-chucked Bethany under the chin.  "You're never too old for it, princess.  Sleep well."


The discussion over who should sleep where was tense.  Because the remodel hadn't really accounted for more than one child, it had been necessary to put bunk beds in Bethany's room.

She was less than thrilled to have to start sharing her room with the rowdy boys.

"Okay, listen up," Bethany said sternly.  "No touching my things!  Got it?"

Chase nodded respectfully as Devon rolled his eyes.

Bethany frogged Devon in the shoulder.  "I mean it, twerp! Don't mess with my stuff!"

Devon rubbed his sore arm and frowned.  "Alright! Alright! I won't touch your stuff!" he said with exasperation. 
Then, sour mood disappearing completely, he looked at Chase and said, "Dibs on top bunk!" and then raced to the ladder to clamber up.


"I see you got the bottom bunk," Jesse said as he came to sit down next to Chase.

Chase frowned pensively.  "Devon called dibs," he said flatly.

"Ah, I see," Jesse could see how upset  Chase still was.  "Well," he said softly, "Perhaps I can let you in on a little known secret."

Chase sat up expectantly.  "What is it, Grandpa?" he asked seriously.

Jesse leaned down and whispered, "You don't get stories read to you in the top bunk."

Chase's eyes lit up.  "Will you read me something?
"I sure will," Jesse said, pulling the closest book open to read .  


  1. Lol cute and gross, Devon is just like his grandfather :P

    1. Lol. Gotta love the slobs! Chase the Virtuoso Snob & twin brother Devon the Virtuoso Slob. :) There's SURE to be some fun growing up!