January 14, 2014

Ace: Week Seven, Day Seven

Awesome-ness:  Ace became a father!

Ace was woken up early in the morning when Kris rolled out of bed and grunted, "I'm in labor!"

“Oh God,” he moaned, jumping out of bed. “Let me go get Dad.”

“No!” she huffed. “Take me to the hospital!”

"Are you sure?" Ace worried.  "Maybe we should get Holly..."  Holly's done this before, he thought frantically.  She'll know what to do.

"TAKE. ME. TO. THE. HOSPITAL. NOW!" Kristina yelled as she started towards the car.  Ace hurried along behind Kristina.  He paused when Kristina slipped into the driver seat.

“Uh, Kristina, don't you think I should drive,” Ace asked hesitantly.

“GET IN THE CAR!” she screamed.

Ace quickly got in and put his seat belt on.

Kristina floored it as she sped to the hospital.

“Uh, Kristina, there's a stop sign!” Ace yelled, bracing himself as she sped past the stop sign. The on-coming car slid to a stop and honked it's horn at them.

“Geez, Kris! You're going to kill us!” Ace said, holding on for dear life.

Kristina made it to the hospital and parked haphazardly in the front. “Are you coming?” she demanded as Ace was inspecting their parking job.

“Yeah!” he called out distractedly. “I'm right behind you!” He raced to catch up with her.

Hours later, Kristina was exhausted, depressed and had made a fundamental decision... She couldn't do this!

While Ace went out to put the car-seats in the car, she left. It would be easier that way for everyone...

Ace came back and found a nurse with his squalling boys. She did not look happy!  “Sir, you are not supposed to leave the babies alone!" she snapped. "Do you need to speak with a social worker?”

Ace paled as he glanced around. “No, ma'am! I'm sorry!  I thought my girlfriend was in here with them. We're going to get married.  Have you seen her?”

The nurse shrugged. “I came in here 10 minutes again when I heard the babies crying. I haven't seen anyone. Would you like to have her paged?”

Ace nodded and then sat in the hospital room for thirty minutes waiting. A nurse finally came in and showed Ace the release paperwork showing that Kristina had checked out. He'd been ditched.


When he got home, he saw his Dad in the nursery.  “Have you seen Kristina?” he asked indignantly. “She ditched us at the hospital!”

His Dad lowered his voice and put his hand on his son's shoulder. “We need to talk, bud.”

Ace got a sinking feeling in his gut.

Jesse continued, "I don't know how to tell you this..."

A short time later, Ace was sitting there on his bed with the note she'd left behind with his Dad. Apparently when Dad asked where he was, she'd tearfully admitted that she couldn't stay.  Dad had flipped and let her know what he thought of her cowardice.

She'd left the house crying.

Absently, he glanced down at the note again.  In it, she'd explained that she hadn't felt ready to take care of one child, let alone two.  She'd said that she wanted more than just to be some clown at the Community Musical Theatre in Sunset Valley.  She was moving to the big city and she was going to make a name for herself.  She'd ended by begging him to forgive her.

Ace crumpled the letter up and threw it in the corner of his room.

Not cool, he thought. Not cool at all!

He trudged downstairs. “Now what?” he asked his Dad.

Jesse pulled his son in for a hug. “Now you take care of your precious little boys and let the rest fall where it will.”

“Is that what you did?” Ace asked.

Jesse shrugged, “Pretty much, but with a little bit more yelling & a lot more arguing.”

Ace laughed. “I certainly feel like yelling and breaking things right now.”

“I know just the thing for you, then,” Jesse said as he led his son upstairs. “A little bit of exercise always helps blow off some steam."


Holly came home and Jesse whispered the news to her. “Oh Lord,” she said. “She just up and left?”

“Ran out of the house like her ass was on fire,” Jesse said, shaking his head.

“Oh, poor Ace! He must be heartbroken,” Holly said sadly.


Ace was definitely heart-broken.  And overwhelmed.  He'd only just learned he was going to be a father - and now he had two sons!  He'd named them Chase and Devon Black.  And they perfect! 

Throwing on his uniform, he headed in to work.  He welcomed the distraction. When they asked for volunteers to stay later, he was the first to agree.  He just needed some time and distance from reality right now.

His Dad would watch the boys for him...

When Ace got home at 10, he walked in and saw Bethany surfing the channels.

“What are you doing up, squirt?” he asked as he sat down next to her.

 Bethany shrugged. “Couldn't sleep.”

“How about I read you a story to sleep,” Ace said and smiled, thinking about his Dad reading him The Do's & Dont's of Dons.  He bet his Dad wouldn't be reading that one to Bethany!


  1. Another hilarious labor scene lol he is definitely his father's son. But oh man afterwards...that was so sad the way she left them like that. :( reminds me of the movie I Am Sam...loved that movie though. Well just like his dad Im sure he will be a great parent to his little ones :)

    1. And she will never be heard from again because I *accidentally* deleted her for all time! She got stuck between floors & I deleted a-la-Sims 2 only to realize that does *not* work for Sims 3!

    2. Oh nos! Well I guess that's what she gets for leaving Ace and the babies like that then huh...

    3. Lol. That's what I tried telling myself. Let it be a lesson to any other Sims that want to step out of line!

  2. Aww, poor Ace. :(

    If you ever change your mind about Kristina (ie the kids are teens and the single household restriction has been lifted) you could always go back into a previous save, save her to the bin, and add her manually back in. If you use mods, MasterController lets you fix the family relationships. =)

    1. Good to know. I might do that because I hated losing her connection to Red!