January 14, 2014

Ace: Week Seven, Day Six

Awesome-ness:  Ace got a video game system for Snowflake Day!

Ace woke up in a the greatest mood.  He had the love of his life in his arms and it was Snowflake Day! 

Holly grabbed some leftovers for breakfast and sat down next to Kristina, considering her knowingly.  

What?” Kristina snapped. “What are you looking at?” 

My, my, my.  She has so much of Red in her, Holly thought as she smiled kindly at the girl.  So ready to take on the world.  But right now her concern was for her step-son.  “When are you going to tell him?” she asked point-blank.

“Tell him what?” Kristina snapped.  Oh God, Kristina thought frantically.  Oh God... Oh God...  She'd been hoping it wasn't true... that she'd just been putting on bereavement weight...  Oh God... Oh God...

Holly shook her out of her shock by lightly touching her hand.  “This is good news," she said, seeing the look of horror steal across Kristina's face.  "Ace loves you. He'll do right by you, I'm sure."

He'll do right by you....   But that's not what Kristina wanted!  She wanted to move to the city and hit it big in the classical music industry!  She jerked her hand away.  “There's nothing to tell!” she whispered and then hurried away before Holly could say anything else.
Oh God, she was going to be sick!


"Happy Snowflake Day!" Jesse said as he hurried downstairs and kissed Holly's cheek.  "I just saw Kristina run by.  Is she upset?"

Holly frowned.  It wasn't her place to say anything... yet...

Jesse shrugged.  Women...  "Come on, let's get ready.  Everyone's coming over soon for gift opening!"  Jesse had invited over all the friends and family that had passed through their home throughout the years.   Even Xander and Anne were invited!  Time had made socializing with them less awkward.  After all, Jesse had wound up with the best woman, right?! 

“Mom!” Ace cried out and gave his mom a hug. “Thanks for coming! How are you doing?” 

Zelda pasted on a smile. “Oh, I'm alright.  Just missing GD.”  Zelda's long-term boyfriend had recently passed away.  It made Ace realize that both his parents were getting older.

“Let's get this show on the road!” Jesse called out. “Let's have Ace go first,” he said with a wink. “That box is from Holly and me.”

“AWESOME!” Ace cried out when he opened the present. “A video gaming system! Thanks Dad! I'm never getting off the couch now!”

Everyone laughed when Holly joked, “Like you were going to get off the couch anyways!  You're such a couch potato!”

Ace grinned sheepishly.  It was true!

Before long, the pile was extinguished and Ace was talked into performing some Christmas songs for the group.

Kristin felt Holly's eyes on her all freaking day.  She was scared to death that she would say something to Ace before she'd had a chance to tell him.  She silently cursed herself for staying in this damn town after her mother passed away instead of leaving like she'd planned!  She was just so frustrated!

Fine! She'd tell him! she thought unhappily.


Ace found Kristina waiting for him in their room staring unhappily at the wall.
“Hey baby. Missed you at dinner. You feeling okay?”

Kristina didn't even answer, she just patted the space next to her. “Come sit down. We need to talk,” she said seriously.

Ace's heart plummeted.  Geez, that didn't sound good, he thought to himself.  No conversation that started with 'we need to talk' ended well.  He cautiously sat down and turned to face Kristina. “What is it?” he asked with concern, mentally preparing himself for rejection.

Kristina cleared her throat. “I umm... I think I'm pregnant...”

Ace grinned widely.  "Geez, is that all?" he asked, ignoring Kristina's glare.  "I thought you were going to break up with me!” he said in a rush.  He paused a moment and then asked, "A baby?"

She nodded.

“Geez, that's AWESOME, Kris!” he said, pulling her into his arms.  "I'm so excited!"  With a look of awe, he placed his hand on her belly, feeling an instant connection with his baby.

Kristina played with the hem of her shirt. “Are you sure?” she asked. “Cause I don't think it's very awesome.”

Ace was starting to feel a little apprehensive again.  “What do you mean, Kris?”

“I mean, I don't think I'm ready to be a mother! I wanted to move to the big city and make my dreams come true, not move in and start playing family with you!" Kristina gave vent to all her frustrations, swatting at Ace's shoulder.  "You talked me into staying here after Mom died when I was feeling so lost and now I just feel stuck!"  She added miserably,  “I just don't think this is what I want.”

Ace pulled her back into his arms and rubbed her arms. “It'll be okay, Kris. It's going to awesome. I promise!” He rested his cheek against her forehead.  "We can get married and raise our baby together! And maybe we can both move to the big city together!"  After all, they were going to be a family, Ace thought happily. 

Kristina sighed.  She wanted desperately to believe that everything would be okay. She rested her head against his shoulder. “Okay,” she said weakly.

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  1. ... this is too ominous! Poor Ace ... I'm already sad! :(