January 14, 2014

Ace: Week Seven, Day Three

Awesome-ness:  Ace graduated!!

Ace wasn't looking forward to graduating.  It meant he was that much closer to Kristina leaving...

All last night he'd toyed with the idea of leaving with Kristina, but he just couldn't get himself excited about leaving Sunset Valley.  Geez, why the heck did she need to leave anyways? Ace thought sullenly.  There's plenty to do here!  He thought she was crazy to think that she had to leave Sunset Valley to to become famous.  He planned on staying here and he knew in his gut that he was destined to do something absolutely AWESOME with his life!

Having decided to stay in Sunset Valley, Ace then thought about what he wanted to do with his life.  Red had hinted that he'd be welcome in her crew, but Dad had flat out forbidden it. Dad wanted him to be a doctor or something.  As if! Ace thought with a chuckle.

Ace glanced down at the application to the theater he had brought home.  But a rock star... now that was something he could get excited about...

He hurried over to the theatre first thing in the morning.


"See, I told you we'd get here in plenty of time," Ace told his step-mom, Holly.

Holly grinned ruefully.  "It's your graduation, Ace! I didn't want us to be late!"  She stepped up and straightened his robe.  "You look so handsome," she told him proudly.  "Doesn't he, Jesse?"

Jesse came up behind Ace and Holly, holding Bethany.  He agreed readily, "He sure is!"

Holly gazed lovingly at her husband.  "He must get it from his father."

"Ew! Guys!" Ace complained.  Geez, he missed Kristina...  "Come on, let's get inside," he said eagerly.

Jesse and Holly grabbed seats up front.  He was one proud papa.  Pointing to Ace, he leaned down and told Bethany, "There's your brother. Wave!"

Bethany grinned a toothy smile and cried out, "Bub-bub! Bub-bub!"

Ace blushed at the chuckles from his school mates as they watched the little girl waving so energetically.

Looking across the way, he met Kristina's eyes and forced himself to look away. 


Jesse had been so proud to watch Ace walk across the stage and accept his diploma.  Afterwards, Holly insisted they all go out for a fancy dinner to celebrate.

As they were walking in the door at home, Jesse got a phone call and suddenly paled.

Holly was by his side in an instant. "What is it, Jesse? What's wrong?" she asked worriedly. 

Jesse stared at his phone for a moment, in shock.  "That was Xander... Red's passed away.  Apparently she was sick and didn't tell anyone..."

Holly tearfully fell against Jesse's chest and cried into his shoulder as he awkwardly patted her back. 

Ace was floored.  Red had always been a part of his life... and she was gone?  "Where's Kristina?" he asked. 

Jesse glanced over and shook his head.  He didn't know.

Ace didn't waste any time, he bolted out the door.


Even though it was past socially-acceptable visiting hours, Ace ran over and tapped on the window.

Kristina came flying outside, eyes red and swollen from crying. “Go away!” she snapped. “I don't want to see anyone. Not even you!”
“I'm not going anywhere, Kris,” he said, shaking his head.

Kristina burst into tears where she stood.  “I don't want you here!” she wailed. “Don't make this any harder on me!”

Ace just opened his arms and Kristina ran into his embrace.  He rested his cheek against her head and tightened his arms.  “Geez, I'm so sorry Kris!  I don't want you to be alone right now.  Come home with me."

Kristina nodded, still sniffling and followed Ace to his house.

Before they headed upstairs, Ace said quietly to Kristina. “You know you can crash here for however long you need, right?"

Kristina just nodded her head numbly.

She followed Ace up to his room and laid down next to him.  It had been so lonely at home until Ace had come for her.   Just thinking about her mom made fresh tears start flowing. 

Ace pulled her into his arms and comforted her.  "Shhh.." he told her.  "It's going to be okay."

Kristina shook her head.  It was never going to be okay again, she thought sadly.  

Wrapping her arms around Ace, she sought his lips. 

Ace hesitated.  He hadn't invited her over to take advantage of her.  But then she'd started kissing him like that...

“Just help me forget,” she told him sadly, sensing that he was hesitating.  She just wanted to feel anything other than the bone-chilling sadness that gripped her.  

...And Ace's kisses made her forget... almost everything...

Unfortunately, as their passion swept them both away, neither one thought about birth control... (Purchased Fertility Treatment).


  1. R.I.P. Red :( She was a fun character.
    Oooh Fertility treatment, naughty simmer...twins! or triplets!

    I'm reminded that Ace rolled single...bummer.

    1. Yeah, I was sad to see her go, too! I tried to get a shot of the Black family with the Coy family on graduation night, but all the greeting cards came out red & yellow splotched. I was really bummed since she died that night!