January 17, 2014

Ace: Week Ten, Day One

Awesome-ness:  The boys had an awesome teen birthday party at the park!

Holly woke up first thing in the morning and stared at Christopher.  It felt so strange waking up in someone else's home.  She worried about what she would tell the family...  after all, she was sure that Ace would've noticed that she hadn't come home last night.

Or maybe she could just claim she'd gone to bed early again...

Part of her wanted to sneak out and call Christopher later and make her excuses...

...But the other part of her wanted to spend the rest of the day with him, wrapped up in their new love!

"Christopher.." she whispered, leaning over him.  "Do you want to go to the twins birthday party with me today?"

Christopher sleepily opened his eyes and grinned.  "I would love to.  Just let me get ready!"


"Tracy! You made it!" Ace said, pulling her in for a hello hug.  "You look beautiful today!"

Tracy blushed.  "Thanks Ace!"

Ace glanced up and saw Becky Baker watching them.  Well tough,  he thought.  She had her chance!  Holding Tracy's hand, he headed over to where the cakes were set up by the fountain.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!" Everyone cheered as the boys stepped up to their birthday cakes. 

Devon grinned after blowing out his candles.  "So where's my presents?" he joked with a grin.  Oh that boy has such a sense of humor, Ace thought with a grin.  What a kidder!

Chase was exactly  the opposite - very serious and no-nonsense.  Ace watched as Devon cut the cake into very precise slices.

"For you - an iconic jam guitar from the very exclusive Buy De Bug store.  I had to special order it," Ace said, handing the guitar over to Devon.  "But, you were born with music in your veins and I thought you'd want to play!"

"Oh that's sweet, Dad! I love it!" 

Ace turned to Chase.  "And for you, my musical genius, a Shibata String Bass. I thought it would be perfect since you love listening to the classical music so much."

Chase fingered the strings on the bass and grinned up at his Dad.  "It's wonderful.  Thank you, Dad!"

Ace watched as the boys grabbed their cake and then sat, comparing their presents.  Devon kept insisting that his gift was way cooler while Chase just smiled secretly, as though he knew it was no use to argue with his brother.

His boys were growing up...


Another wonderful birthday party down, Holly thought as she stepped off to use the lady's room. 

A sudden commotion across the way caught her attention.  What in the world? she thought, turning to glance.

Bethany turned and looked at her mother with horror in her eyes.  "Mama! Come quick.  It's your friend you came with!" 

"Christopher," Holly whispered as she hurried over.  Weeping, she waited by his side as the paramedics were called and ultimately was declared dead.  You never know what tomorrow will bring, she thought sadly.


  1. Awww! R.I.P Christopher :( barely got to know him, but he was a sweetie.

  2. The exlcusive Buy De Bug store, lol!

    Aww, that is really too sad about Christopher! Poor Holly...

    1. Lol - very exclusive Buy de Bug store. :) Devon sure enjoyed his electric guitar!

      I was really looking forward to Holly finding love again. It wasn't in the cards for her, though!