January 19, 2014

Ace: Week Ten, Day Seven

Awesome-ness: Ace got an awesome raise to back up vocalist.

Ace checked himself out in the mirror and gussied up.  Geez, where those more wrinkle lines, he wondered.  His age was starting to show!  He wanted to look his best today!

After the kids were gone for school, Ace sat at the table, planning what he would say.

He rang the doorbell and waited anxiously for Tracy to answer.

As he walked inside, he realized that there was something about the small, cozy cottage that she was renting seemed familiar to him.  He wasn't sure why...

"Tracy, I had to come over and see you," he told her as he pulled her into his arms.

"This time I brought you the flowers!" he said with a smile.

Tracy grinned as she accepted the beautiful red roses.  "They're lovely, Ace! Thank you!"

Ace took a deep breath.  "There's something I wanted to talk to you about," he began.

Tracy held her hand up. "I know! I know! You're not ready to settle down yet..." she said disheartedly.  She didn't think she could bear to be turned down by Ace again!

"NO!" Ace interrupted quickly, dropping to his knee.  "Actually, I realized how much I loved you and missed you not long after I said that.  Will you give me a second chance?" he asked.

"Yes!" Tracy cried out, throwing herself into his arms.  Call her a hopeless romantic, but she just couldn't imagine her life without Ace in it!


Ace wasn't the only member of the household interested in making a love connection.

Devon had invited his friend, Cornelia McIrish out a fun time. 

It turned into so much more!

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