January 19, 2014

Ace: Week Ten, Day Six

Awesome-ness: Ace realized that he had three teens that looked up to him & ended his awesome mid-life crisis!

Bethany woke up the next morning and stepped out onto her mother's terrace.  She saw the rain pouring down, uncaring that drops splattered across her face.

The weather fit her mood perfectly...


Chase banged his hand on the tv.  Dang. It broke... again!  He felt like he was always fixing things around the house!

He stepped in front of the tv to fix it when he tripped over something.

What the...
What a weird Halloween decoration...
"Dad, there's something really creepy about that witch..." Chase said, getting the heebie-jeebies from just looking at it.

Devon laughed, "Ooooo... it's haaaaunted..."

Chase rolled his eyes.  "Have you seen it before? I don't know how it got here."

Ace shrugged.  "I guess someone must've left it here last night.  Everyone left shortly after..." Ace teared up.  "After Holly died..."  He paused a moment and collected himself.  "Just leave it out and see if anyone recognizes it at the funeral today..."

Ace started the wake with a ballad he'd recently learned, Keep on Raining.  Behind him was a portrait that he'd found of himself among Holly's things.  He hadn't known she'd made it for him, touched by how much she had loved him all these years. 

Bebe touched Ace's arm.  "It was a beautiful song," she said.  "Holly would've loved it."

"Thanks Bebe," Ace said, hugging his mother's dearest friend. 

As he made his rounds, talking to friends and family, Tracy was always close by...

He felt comforted by the fact that she was there for him if he needed her...


That night, Ace peeked in on the kids and saw them sleeping peacefully.  It was a daunting thought that he was the only adult they had left to depend on.

Shaking his head, he head upstairs to his room.  He didn't have time for mid-life crisis!  He had three teens depending on him...


  1. Caught up, yay! =)

    Fun story, and Ace is just filled with awesomeness. =D

  2. You're right, Ace, you DON'T have time for that! (And leave Staci with an I alone!)