January 18, 2014

Ace: Week Ten, Day Three

Awesome-ness: Ace starts an awesome mid-life crisis by starting up a flirtation with 18 year-old Staci McCarthy from work!

Bethany woke up still ticked off at Devon.  She couldn't believe the little twerp had teased her like that!  And after all she'd done for him!

When he'd come over that morning and tried to apologize, she was having none of it!

"No! I said I don't want to talk to you!" she snapped, waving her finger in his face.
"But Bethany, I wanted to..."

"I said NO Devon! Leave me alone!"

Devon hung his head.  She wouldn't even let him apologize!  It was like she was snubbing him!  Feeling irate, Devon continued to pester Bethany, trying to get her to listen.  Shrieking, she stormed from the room in a fit of pique.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?" Ace demanded when the two arguing teens made their way into the living room.

"It's Bethany! I'm trying to apologize to her, but she won't listen!"

"Ace! He put hair dye in my shampoo and turned my hair pink yesterday!"

"It was temporary hair dye!" Devon shouted.

"It was PINK!" Bethany growled.

"I thought girls LIKED pink!"

Just as Bethany was about to respond, Ace held up his hands.  "ENOUGH! Both of you! Go to school! Now! I don't want to hear another minute of this bickering!"

Devon and Bethany scurried from the house, surprised that Ace had raised his voice with them.  He never lost his temper....

Ace rubbed his throbbing temples.  All he'd wanted was a nice, relaxing morning and look what he'd gotten - bickering and arguing about stupid hair dye.

What about him? What about what he wanted? Ace thought sullenly.  He was always doing things for everyone else and he was tired of it!

Hell, he'd had a birthday yesterday and nobody had even said a word!

Maybe it was time for him to start being more selfish and taking what he wanted!

 Ace headed for the park to jam on the guitar.  It helped clear his mind...
"Hi Ace!" he heard a female call out suddenly.  Turning around, he looked to find out who was calling him.

"Hey... uh..." he paused, frantically trying to remember the new girl's name. Susie? Stephie? Geez, it was something with an S....  She had just started at the music theatre and was a bright, bubbly girl.  She'd caught himself checking her out as she flitted around, even though she had to be only 18 or 19 - way too young to be interested in him!

"It's Staci - with an i!" she giggled. 

Ace smiled warmly.  "I remember," he lied, "So what are you up to this beautiful day?"

Staci shrugged. "I just love coming to the park! I'm so glad that I ran into you!" she gushed.

Ace felt a twinge of attraction.  "Oh yeah?" he asked, leaning a little closer.  Maybe he wasn't too old, after all!

Staci grinned and tapped his arm playfully.  "Yeah! I love hearing you play! I was wondering if you could give me a few tips!"

Damn, Ace thought.  Guess he was too old, after all.  "Sure. I could do that."

"Great! Wanna go right now?"

"Right now?" Ace said, checking his watch.  "But it's hours before work starts!"

"Well duh! That way we can get some one-on-one time together!" she said brightly.

Ace shrugged as he followed her across the street to the theatre.  "What in particular were you needing help with?" he asked when they'd headed into a private practice room. 

He startled with surprise when she'd looped her arms around his neck and started kissing him.  Looks like he wasn't too old after all!


Bethany came home and plopped down next to Devon on the couch.  "I'm sorry about this morning," she said.  "I didn't mean to be such a pain."

Devon shrugged.  "No worries. But, man, did you see Dad's face? I've never seen him so mad before!"

Bethany nodded as she picked up the second controller, "I know! I wonder if everything's okay!

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