January 18, 2014

Ace: Week Ten, Day Two

Awesome-ness:  Calling Ace - where are you? Are you doing anything awesome today?

Devon had been having a pretty awesome day.  Carol Funke had come home with him and they'd palled around all afternoon long.

And he was ready to take that leap - he was going to tell her that he was into her!

"Ew! No way!" Carol said, holding her fingers shaped like an L up to her forehead.  "You're a loser freshman!"   

"Yeah... well... you have stupid hair!" Devon retorted angrily.  She hadn't needed to be so mean about it!

Carol scoffed.  "Oh, I have stupid hair? Look at yours! It's dumb with the black roots and blonde tips!"

Devon turned his back on Carol and  went into the bathroom, slamming the door behind him.   Not long afterward, he heard Chase asking Carol to leave.

Devon stared in the mirror.  Was his hair really that stupid?

Finding a bottle of temporary dye under the sink, Devon slathered it in his hair.  There, he thought, glancing in the mirror.  A new & improved Devon!

Then, feeling mischievous, he put the rest of the hair dye in the shampoo bottle and snickered.  He couldn't wait to see Chase's face when he came in to get ready for school tomorrow morning!

"Devon!" Bethany said, pounding on the door.  "Hurry up in there, you're hogging the bathroom!"

Devon checked his reflection once again.  "Hold on Bethany.  I'm not done yet!" 

Bethany started pulling on the knob.  Devon lunged for the door to keep her from opening it.  Shoot, why'd he forget to lock it?!

"You'd better be decent!" she called out, elbowing her way into the bathroom.  Her eyes widened when she saw his hair.  "Oh, Devon!" she said sadly.  "Your Dad's going to kill you when he sees your hair!"

Devon shrugged.  It was his hair - he could do what he wanted to it!

Bethany rolled her eyes and started to shove Devon from the room.  "Why do I bother? Shoo!  I need to take a shower so I can go see Topher!"

Devon made kissie noises as she pushed him from the room.  He grinned when he thought about her reaction to the dye.  Maybe if she hadn't been so pushy, he would've told her about the doctored shampoo!

 Impatiently, he waited by the door...  wait for it.... wait for it...

"DEVON!" Bethany screeched when she saw her hair in the mirror.  "I'm going to kill you!"  Hurriedly, she jumped back in the shower and managed to rinse the dye out.  She rested her forehead against the tiles and sighed with relief.  Thank God it was temporary hair dye...

Bethany stormed into the living room and caught Devon grinning by the bathroom door.  "That was a mean trick!" she accused, livid.

Devon put his finger in his ear and pretended he couldn't hear her.  "What was that Auntie Bethany? I'm not hearing too well right now. I think the screech damaged my ear drums..."

"Look, DEVON! You'd better apologize right NOW!"  Bethany's temper was about to bubble over and for the first time in her life, she actually wanted to hit someone!

Devon rolled his eyes and held his hand up.  Making the hand talk, he said with a funny voice, "Oh, Auntie Bethany! The Devon is very, very sorry you no like pink hair.  He try blue next time!"

Bethany stomped her foot and shoved Devon's hand out of her face.  "I'm telling Mom!" she snapped, then hurried up the stairs.

Holly came downstairs right away and Devon felt instantly contrite.  Grandma looked so disappointed with him right now.  "Devon Black! Look at your hair! And what a horrid trick to play on Bethany!"

"It was supposed to be Chase," Devon mumbled under his breath.

"And you think that excuses your behavior?" Holly asked incredulously.  She sighed impatiently.  "When will you ever start thinking before you act?  I expect more from you!"

Devon kicked at the floor, shuffling his feet.  He couldn't even look his Grandma in the eye.  "I'm sorry Grandma.  I don't know what came over me...  I just wanted to change my hair... it's stupid!"

Holly shook her head.  Kids! "Your hair is not stupid.  Now I want you to go wash that gunk out of your hair immediately!"

"Yes ma'am," Devon mumbled again

Devon slunk away to the bathroom to rinse out the temporary dye.  He hadn't meant to upset Bethany... it was just a stupid joke.  But now he felt bad...

"I'm sorry Grandma.  I didn't mean to hurt Bethany's feelings.  I promise I won't do it again," Devon said after he'd managed to get his hair clean.

"I appreciate that, Devon.  But I don't believe I'm the one you should be apologizing to..."

Devon  nodded.  "I promise I'll talk to her in the morning!"


  1. Seriously? What is up with the blondes of Sunset Valley? But, I LOVED seeing the Loser-L to the forehead. Do kids still do that or is that just a kick back to my pre-teen years? Talk to the hand cuz the ears ain't listening! I'm sure my poor mom still has flashbacks. :)

  2. I haven't seen the loser-L on the forehead in a long time lol. I could never do that to my mom lol. If I even raised my hand up ::shudders to think::

    I like Devon in his blonde better. <3

  3. Pranks! Ugh, when I had a teen boy and two teen girls in my house, every piece of plumbing, every couch, every computer was constantly rigged for a prank. Those brats. :D

    1. Lol! It's ridiculous! But it is funny when you look around and see all the flashing lights around the house. That's when you know you need to sign your kid up for afterschool activities! :)