January 11, 2014

Jesse: Week Five, Day Three

Tattoo:  Lucky dice on left ankle
Hot-headed: Jesse scolded Ace for pulling a prank after he received a snotty phone call from Ilianna.

The sun shining through the window woke Jesse up.   Man, all these years and he still didn't have curtains up yet.  Maybe he should just put up some aluminum foilThat would block the damn sun!

Yawning, he set his feet on the floor.  He'd been so mad at Ace when he'd found a damn snake in his house that he hadn't even shown Ace his new tattoo -  a sweet pair of lucky dice on his ankle.  There hadn't been much to do last night, so Xander had talked him into getting inked.

He headed downstairs.  Looks like he should've woken up early if he wanted to talk to Ace.  The kid had gone off to school.

And it looked like he must've slept on the couch last night, Jesse thought when he saw the bedding on the couch.  He must've really ticked off last night over the stupid snake

Stupid snake, Jesse shuddered.  He'd been planning to give Ace his birthday present.  The kid had been yapping about his mom's guitar since he spent the day with her, so Jesse had “found” him a real cool one.

He'd just have to do it later tonight.

As usual, the whole gang wound up at his place before heading off for work.  They were a tight knit family.

Seeing Holly, he asked her to hang back a minute.  There was something he need to say to her.

"Hey, I just wanted to say I was sorry for the grief I gave you when you first joined the Warehouse," Jesse said.  "But really, you're something else!"

Holly tossed her hair. “I know. It's in my blood. Besides, nobody expects me to be a criminal!”

"Isn't that the truth?" Jesse laughed. “Come on, let's go inside and join everyone else.”


Jesse glanced up when Ace came home from school. 

Jesse greeted him with a hug, thankful the kid seemed to be in a good mood now.  “Hey, kid. How was school?”

Ace shrugged. “Okay, I guess.”

“Well, I forgot to give you your present yesterday. So... Ta da!” Jesse said, pulling the gift from behind his back.

“For me?” Ace asked. “AWESOME!”

“Hope you like it.”

“Are you kidding?  I love it! Wait until I tell mom!” Ace said excitedly. “Do you think she'll teach me? Can I go over tonight?”

“Sure, kid,” Jesse said, gritting his teeth.  Red sent him a knowing smirk. “Why don't I take you over there before work.”

Ace smiled. “Awesome! Let's go!”

Jesse stopped in front of Zelda's house and started to head up to the door with Ace.  “Um, Dad... I can go in on my own. You need to get to work anyway.”

Jesse held back. “Are you sure?” he asked hesitantly. “You don't know if your mom is home.”

Ace grinned and patted his guitar. “I'll wait for her then. I can't wait to show her my new guitar!”

So Jesse left Ace at Zelda's place and headed to work, cursing himself for getting the kid something that would require him to spend more time with his flighty mom.


Ace eagerly hit the doorbell and waited for someone to answer.  He sure hoped his mom was home!

Aunt Ilianna answered the door and let him inside.  "Wait in the living room and don't touch anything," she told him.  Ace folded his hands in his lap.  His aunt was kind of scary!  He didn't want to make her mad!

Ace didn't know why his mom's family didn't like him so much.  He'd never done anything to them!  His cousin Kaylynn kept glancing over at him and glaring.  Something finally snapped in him.  He was so fed up with them treating him like dirt.

He slipped a whoopie cushion out of his back pack and slipped it under the couch.

“Hey, Kaylynn,” he said, smothering a giggle. “Come sit down to talk with me..."

Kaylynn looked at him sharply, but came over to sit. All of a sudden, a loud farting noise echoed through the room. "Oh man!" Jesse said, jumping up and waving his hand in front of his nose.  "That fart reeked, Kaylynn!"

Kaylynn flushed red and ran from the room.

Ace couldn't take it, he doubled over laughing.  That'll teach her, he thought with some satisfaction.

Aunt Ilianna  made a beeline for him.  Uh oh.  Busted,  he thought.  She stuck her pointy finger in his face. “You are just like your father," she spat.  "Well, you will behave in my house or you will not be welcome in it!”

Ace felt like a chastised kid.  “I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to make her cry..." he said lamely.  He'd just wanted her to quite giving him the evil eye...

Aunt Ilianna just turned to walk away.

Ace walked to the table and set his head in his hands.  Man, he was so screwed.  He hoped his mom wasn't mad at him..

Sighing, he pulled his homework from his bag and started working on his math. 

Candace sauntered over and sneered at him. "My mother is calling your Dad," she taunted before walking off. "You're going to get in so much trouble!"

An hour passed and finally his mom was home from work.

Finally! Ace thought.  “Hey Mom! Mom! Look at my guitar Dad got me!” he said excitedly, showing off the flame-designed guitar to his mom. “Isn't it awesome? Will you teach me to play?”

Zelda smiled kindly at Ace. “Sure,” she said. "When do you want to start?"

Ace eagerly pulled the guitar into position and began to show his mom what he'd learned already, but Zelda's attention had already wandered...

“Mom?” he asked, glancing around.

Fuming, he left and headed home. 

“You know what I hate more than anything?” Jesse asked hotly after coming home from work in a rage.  “I hate getting called by your aunt Ilianna!  Especially when she's ranting about some stupid prank you pulled on her idiot daughter!"

Ace scowled. “Yeah?! Well, news flash! I hate all of you!” he yelled back with a wobbly voice. “I wish I had different parents!”

Ace turned and ran from the room before he started crying in front of his dad. 


  1. Pulling that prank probably wasn't the best idea. But Iliana is horrible. And Zelda is a terrible mother.

    1. Just wait - she gets worse! Lol. Poor Ace! Good thing he has such a good dad!