January 11, 2014

Jesse: Week Five, Day Four

Tattoo: Lucky Dice on left ankle
Hot-headed: (Jesse's on Vacation)

Jesse got a call early the next morning. Red was sending him to Appaloosa Plains to take care of some business there for her. 

“Ace. You sure you'll be okay for 2 days?” Jesse asked as he hurriedly shoved clothes into a suitcase, glancing at Ace out of the corner of his eye. Man, he really wished he had time to smooth things over with the kid.

Ace rolled his eyes. “Yeah, dad. It's not like I'm a little kid anymore!”

“You know you can call Red if you need anything, right?”

“Yeah, yeah, Dad. Just go!”


Ace watched his Dad hurry from the house & started breakfast. This was going to be so awesome being on his own!

Just as he headed out to go to school, he got a phone call.

“Ace, would you like to come over and play some guitar?” his mom asked.

Ace hesitated a moment until he remembered – Dad was gone for two whole days! There's no way he'd ever find out!

He hurried over to his mom's – excited to be doing something daring & wild.

When his mom answered the door, he was shocked. “Mom?” he asked in surprise. 

Zelda touched her hair. “I need to do my roots,” she mumbled, embarrassed by her graying hair.

They spent the morning jamming some tunes and hanging out. Around noon, Zelda sighed and muttered that she needed a drink.

Ace followed her over to the bar to watch.  “Can I have one?” Ace piped up hopefully.

“Sure, why not?” Zelda said dismissively.

“AWESOME!” Ace said as he made himself a drink. Man, it was awesome hanging out with his mom! “You're so cool, mom!”

Zelda looked for surprised at the compliment. 

Ace took a drink and grimaced. God, it burnedWhy did adults drink this, he wondered as he continued to sip the drink.

Looking past him at the clock, Zelda announced that she needed to go and shooed him the home so quick his head spun.

Or maybe that was the alcohol...

Jesse rode his bike home alittle wobbly.  The drink had really zapped him! When he got in, his friend Steve Andrews called him up. “Hey, man. I heard your Dad was out of town! PARTY at your place!”

AWESOME!” Ace said excitedly. “Tell everyone to come over.”  He was in such an awesome mood!

Ace was pleased that by the turnout, even Red's daughter, Kristina dropped by.  Everyone fell silent as she took center stage with a ghost story. “It was a night just like this one... out in the woods... just like we are... when...  BOO”

“AH!” Ace's cousin, Candace, shouted, leaping into Kelly Landgrabb's arms.  Ace rolled his eyes. Candace was just looking for attention.
It was the coolest night of Ace's life.  Especially when Kristina had come over and asked for a tour.  He showed her the rest of the house, a little embarrassed by how stark and empty it was. 

And then somehow, they wound up near the bed, just chatting. Ace kept thinking about how pretty she looked...

Suddenly, Kristina grabbed a pillow from the bed and hit him with it. “Quit staring at my breasts!” she teased.

Ace's mouth dropped. “I wasn't!” he said quickly. "I promise!"

Kristina smacked him again. “Well why not?” she demanded with a grin.

Ace grinned and grabbed the other pillow and soon they were wrestling and pillow fighting around the room. Finally, they stopped to grab their breath.

Ace was very aware of how close Kristina was standing to him... 

“You look real nice tonight, Kristina,” Ace said, attempting to flirt.

Kristina grinned at him. “You say that to all the girls, I bet.”

Ace shook his head. “NO! I swear!”

Kristina laughed as she playfully hit his chest. “Don't take yourself so seriously, Ace! Lighten up!”

Just as Ace was working up the nerve to kiss her, Kristina grabbed his hand and tugged. “Come on, let's get downstairs and join everyone else.”

And just like that, the moment was gone.  He followed her downstairs, wishing he'd been brave enough to grab that kiss.  Especially when she started slow dancing with Adam Slade.
He'd lost his chance.

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