January 11, 2014

Jesse: Week Five, Day One

Tattoo: ??
Hot-headed: Grumbled at Ace, maybe?  (So apparently he wasn't very hot-headed today!)

It was wet and rainy.  There was nothing to do, Ace pouted. There was no one to play with and he was still mad at his dad.  

Life was not awesome!

Dad came and sat down next to him, but Ace refused to look at him, pointedly ignoring him.

“So..." Jesse said nonchalantly, "I just got off the phone with Red and guess what?  She scored us some free tickets to the game. You interested?” 

“Really?” Ace cheered excitedly. “That would be awesome.”  Then suddenly, he seemed to remember that he was mad at his dad and attempted to casually shrug. “I mean... Yeah... that'd be okay.”

Jesse smiled and ruffled Ace's hair. “Great. Let's go!”


The game had been a close one. Jesse had a blast with his kid.  They got some hot dogs & soda and kicked back to cheer for their team.  As they walked out of the stadium, Jesse playfully punched Ace's arm.  Man, that a good game, huh?  I didn't think he was going to make that basket at the end!"

“Yeah, it was AWESOME!” Ace said, grinning up at his Dad.

Jesse smiled.  His kid was back, he thought with relief.  Red had been right.  Once again...

Just then, Ace tugged on his Dad's shirt.  “Uh, Dad,” he said. “Here comes Ann...”

Jesse glanced back and saw Anne walking his way. Jesse quickly smoothed his hair down.  "Do I look okay?" he asked his son.

Ace just rolled his eyes. 

"Big help you are," Jesse mumbled under his breath as he turned around to greet Anne.

“Hey Anne! We just saw a stadium game.  It was AWESOME!  You just missed it!" Ace piped up cheerfully.

Jesse silently gave thanks for adorable little boys.  He just might have a shot at getting Anne to talk to him...

Anne smiled warmly at Ace. “Hey Ace!  Gosh, you're getting so big! Sounds like the game was a lot of fun.  I'm actually here to see a concert with a friend.”  Then turning towards Jesse, she smiled wanly. “Hi Jesse.”

Jesse would take what he could get, nudging Ace on the shoulder, he said, “Go find something to do, kid."

“Yeah, okay,” Ace grumbled as he walked away.

“So how've you been, Anne?” Jesse asked.

 “I've been good." She said, adding softly, "Look, I'm sorry I was so over-emotional on Love Day.  I just... there's something I want to talk to you about..."

Jesse's heart flipped.  "Oh yeah?" he asked hopefully.  "I'm all ears."

Anne glanced over Jesse's shoulder towards Ace, lowering her voice.  “Yeah, but not here..."  She paused a moment, looking back towards the stadium.  "Look, I have to go.  I'm meeting a friend here for the concert. I don't want to be late."

“Yeah, sure," Jesse agreed.  "I have to drop Ace off at home anyway before going to work.   I'll see you around,” Jesse said.

And as they left, it was the first ray of hope he'd had for a long while.

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  1. Oh! ... can I hope? I really want him to be with Anne, though I know that's not something you get to direct ... *sniffle*