January 11, 2014

Jesse: Week Five, Day Seven

Tattoo: Lucky Dice on left ankle
Hot-headed: Argued with Zelda about her irresponsibility.

Well that went pretty well, Jesse thought as he chatted with Ace in his brand new room. He'd known Ace needed more space and had already arranged for workers to come out when he got back from vacation to start work on an addition. Now Ace had his own bedroom and attached bathroom.

“But you know people are going to use it when they come over,” Jesse warned. “You gotta keep your room picked up.”

Ace scoffed, “This coming you! Amazing...”

Jesse laughed. Man, it felt good to laugh with his kid again.

Basically, last night they'd laid out ground rules. Ace could date, but no sneaking off alone to empty bedrooms or empty closets. “Closets?” Ace had asked. Jesse had just shaken his head and said never mind real quick.  He didn't need to be giving Ace any ideas!

Another ground rule was that if Ace was old enough to date, then he was old enough to either join an after-school club or start working. Personally Ace thought the club sounded like more fun. Ace had also promised to stop skipping school, stop drinking, bring his grades up and be home by curfew. 

For his part, Jesse promised to try to clean up after himself more, fix broken plumbing right away instead of letting it sit AND to stop licking day-old plates.

“Seriously, Dad, you're gonna get sick and die if you keep doing that!” Ace had worried.

All in all, they'd worked it out real nice. Now that everything was settled with Ace, Jesse intended to go have words with Zelda. He couldn't BELIEVE the crap she'd let Ace do while he was over there!

When he saw Zelda, he laid into her. “Look, Zelda, I've allowed you to be involved in Ace's life because you've asked,” he started. “But, you can't just let Ace run wild! No drinking, no smoking, no partying, no skipping school and he's DEFINITELY not moving in here with your vindictive family!”

“Oh please, don't tell me you didn't do those kind of things when you were his age!” she said dismissively.

Jesse shook his head. “Doesn't matter. Look where all that partying got me! Working as a petty thief and raising my kid alone in a run-down shack.  I'm no Nick Alto!  And I want more for my boy that this!”

Zelda's shoulders slumped. “I'm sorry... I guess I'm not very good at the whole mothering thing. I just.. I just wanted him to like me.” She looked up at him sadly.

Jesse hesitated a moment, feeling bad for Zelda.  "Look, you're his mom.  He already likes you.  You just need to be there for him."

Zelda gave him a rare smile. “Thanks Jesse. I never thought you would have done such a good job raising him."

Thanks... I think...” Jesse said. “So, are we cool? You understand the ground rules? If you break any of those, you don't get to see him again. I'll get a no-contact order if I have to and that'll kill Ace.

Zelda agreed and Jesse left feeling alittle victorious.  

Then Jesse went home to sleep. It'd been a crazy past few days. He'd need sleep before work tonight!


After school, Ace signed up for the music club & then called up Kristina for a date. She'd said she'd asked her mom & then come back to say she'd meet him at the movie theatre. 

He stole a kiss before they went to watch the 14th Nocturne in J# musical. AWESOME!

Seeing the festival set up across the way, Ace grabbed Kristina's hand. “Come on Kristina, let's go get our pictures taken!” They spent the next few hours running around, acting like kids. He laughed when Kristina signed up for the hot dog eating contest! That girl could shovel hot dogs! The evening passed by too quickly.

Glancing down at his watch, he sighed. “I promised my Dad I'd be home by curfew, he said.  Really, he was lucky his Dad hadn't grounded him until he was old and grey after the way he'd been acting.  "I'll see you tomorrow for the Formal." 

He bet Kristin was going to look beautiful!


  1. Another interesting week. Ace has grown into a cutie :) Idk why but I just laughed when Zelda got old.

    Funny how Jesse the slob is telling Ace to keep his room clean lol but I understand he wants Ace to do better than him, good dad. Aww the dance, he's growing up!

    1. She didn't look right with the grey hair though! I had to go in and "touch it up"! *Gray* roots & blonde hair. :)