January 11, 2014

Jesse: Week Five, Day Six

Tattoo: Lucky Dice on left ankle
Hot-headed:  Fought with Ace after catching him ditching school & making out, then snapped at Zelda for letting his kid drink alcohol.

Ace woke up first thing and wrote a note to Kristina, asking her to come over.

As soon as she walked through the room, she sauntered up to him and started to dance. Soon, groping hands led to kissing and they were full-out making out. Time slipped away and both teens wound up skipping school...

Ace was just thinking about asking her if she wanted to get more comfortable on the couch when his Dad walked through the door.

Taking in the situation at a glance, Jesse told Kristina it was time to go home.  He watched as Kristina high tailed it from the room.

Jesse turned his glare on his son.  “I was gone for two days, Ace. TWO. DAYS! And I come home to find you making out with my boss's daughter.  Do you want me to get fire?!” Jesse ranted. “And why the hell aren't you in school today?”

Ace scowled, embarrassed that he'd been caught skipping school with his hands all over Kristina and his tongue down her throat. Angrily, he shrugged, jamming his hands in his pockets. “Mom wouldn't care!”

The words hit Jesse in the stomach like a sucker punch.  It wasn't even possible to get a word out in that moment.

“So maybe I should go live with mom! She doesn't treat me like a kid!  She let me drink! And she doesn't care if I play guitar instead of going to school!  I bet she wouldn't care if Kristina and I were kissing!” Ace was on a roll. He continued hotly, “AND, I like her place more!  This place is a pigsty and a dump!  I don't even have my own room!”

Finished with his rant, Ace ran from the house, heading blindly over to his mom's.

Jesse closed his gaping mouth and chase after him, but the kid was long gone.

Damn. Now he'd have to go over to Zelda's. Now way in hell was Ace moving out!


Ace hurried over to his mom's and found her out back with his cousin Candace and Aunt Ilianna. With a quivering voice, he asked, “Mom, can I move in with you?"

Zelda didn't have a chance to say a word before Candace shouted, “No! Mama! No! Don't let him move in with us!”

Ace turned on his cousin.  "Shut the hell up Candace! I wasn't talking to you!"

Aunt Ilianna frowned and pinned Zelda with a glare before ushering Candace away.

Ace turned back to his mom and held his breath, waiting for her response.  If she didn't let him move in, he was sunk! 

Zelda was extremely uncomfortable. For whatever reason her son was extremely upset and she had a strong urge to reach out and stroke his cheek. Was that a maternal feeling?  Sadly, she realized she was going to have to disappoint him because there was no way he could move in with her. 

But, before she could open her mouth to say anything, Jesse came storming through the house. “Dammit, Ace. I had to talk to Ilianna and you know how I hate that!” Jesse said through gritted teeth.  He came to stand in front of them. “And you're not moving in here. Is that clear?”

“Why? You don't care!” Ace yelled at his father.

The hell I don't!” Jesse thundered. “Get your ass in the car. We're going home!” Then he turned his anger on Zelda. “And YOU! Giving my son alcohol? Grow up!” he snapped. 

Zelda opened her mouth to respond, but this time it was Ace that cut her off, yelling at Jesse, “Fine! I'll go home!” He turned to run for the car parked haphazardly out front.

With a glare, Jesse turned and stalked away.

Zelda sighed.  Well, I handled that well, she thought...


Jesse got in the car beside Ace and ignored the heated glare his son was shooting him.  “You know the best thing to do when you're pissed?” Jesse asked.

“What?” Ace snapped.

“Blow off your steam. Come on, you ditched school already, might as well make it official.”

Jesse headed to the gym.

At the gym, Jesse trained Ace, showing him the best way to workout.

After they were both worn out and sweaty, Jesse said, “Good job, Ace. Come on, let's go hit the showers & then get some grub."

They had some serious stuff to talk about...

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