January 11, 2014

Jesse: Week Five, Day Two

Tattoo: ??
Hot-headed:  Flipped his lid when he saw Ace's newest addition.

“Come on, Dad!” Ace begged. “You promised we could go to the store to get fireworks!”

Jesse laughed. “I know, kid. Just let me get ready.” Jesse carefully put the bribe money in his pocket. “You know I have to make a short stop-off first, right?”

Ace rolled his eyes. “Yeah, yeah. You have to drop something off at City Hall.”

“Don't worry! The fireworks won't sell out!”

“You never know, Dad! They might!” Ace complained miserably.

Jesse threw his jacket on and they headed out.  When he got to City Hall, he fixed his son with a stern glare.  “Now, remember. You're supposed to wait in the car.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Ace said impatiently. “'Don't bring anyone else to the drop-off,'” he quoted.

Jesse rolled his eyes. “I knew I shouldn't have read you that damn book,” he said under his breath. 
Ace had been begging for a bedtime story, so Jesse had given in and read the only thing he had close-by - The Do's & Don't s of Dons.   Apparently Ace had soaked it all up.  Oh well, he was going to be a teenager soon. Couldn't hide the facts of life from him forever...

With a sigh, Jesse jogged up to the building and left the package in the spot, then sauntered away.

Next stop – grocery store for some primo fireworks!

It was a perfect day for a birthday party at park, Jesse thought as he headed across the street with Ace.  It was all done up for the spring season.  He looked over at Ace wistfully and wondered if the kid would be interested in hunting for some hidden eggs.  With a sigh, he realized the kid was probably too old for that now. 

“Come on, Dad!" Ace called from the picnic table.  "I'm going to blow out the candles!" Jesse hurried over to join the cheering as Ace blew out the candles.

Man, he's growing up too fast, Jesse thought as he gazed with pride as his son. He just hoped his son didn't give him as much trouble as he'd given his parents!

As Jesse ran off to talk to his friends, Jesse wandered over to Holly and her friend. 

"Hey Dad! Is it dark enough now?" Ace called out. When he saw Jesse's thumbs up sign, he cheered, "WOO! Time for fireworks!"

Jesse lit the bigger fireworks while Ace manned the snakes & sparklers.

“AWESOME, Dad! That's AWESOME!” Ace cheered. 

“Happy birthday, bud,” Jesse said, clamping his son's shoulder. “Can you get a ride home? I've gotta head to work.”

“Sure, Dad,” Ace said. “See ya later.”

As his dad jogged off, something caught Ace's eye. “Oh AWESOME!” he said excitedly. He ran over to the other side of the park. “A SNAKE!”

A REAL one!

Ace picked up the little fella and let it wrap itself around his hand.  “Cool! You're coming home with me!” he said happily, then hailed a taxi home.

Ace was hanging out in the living room playing with his new snake when Jesse walked in, bone-tired from working so hard.  

Jesse greeted the kid and then saw it... a snake... in his house!

“What the hell is that?” Jesse yelled.

Ace looked at his Dad like he was crazy, holding up the snake to his dad. “It's a snake, Dad, see?”

Jesse reared back from the slimy reptile.  “Get that damn thing out of here! Man!”

Ace's face scrunched up mutinously. “DAD! It's just a snake!”

Jesse shuddered.  “I hate those damn things! Get it out! NOW!” Jesse said, pointing to the door.

Fine!” Jesse snapped. “You never let me do anything fun!” he yelled as he ran outside.

Finding the best spot outside, Ace let the snake go. “You're going to love it here, snake.   Bushes, trees, and water.  Please stay close by.” he said sadly.

With slumped shoulders he headed back inside.

For the first time in his life, he chose to sleep downstairs on the couch rather than upstairs with his dad.

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  1. ... probably just as well, since most teen boys don't sleep with their dads, even if their dads are super-cool and love them. But awww, Ace is growing up!