January 9, 2014

Jesse: Week Four, Day Four

Tattoo:  Knife in Heart on chest, over his broken heart
Hot-headed: Ranted to Ayesha about the brain-washing school district.

Jesse was whooped. It had been a rough night last night and Jesse was sleeping solidly.  He didn't even hear Ace leave for school in the morning. Man, he hoped the kid had packed a lunch for himself.  Sheesh, it was going to take awhile to get used to sending his kid off to school in the morning!

He piddled around the house in the morning and then crashed on the sofa after lunch. The afternoon flew by until he heard Ace's sneakers pounding the sidewalk.

“Dad! Dad! Guess what! I got arrested today!” Ace said cheerfully as he ran inside.

Jesse sat up quickly and looked around the room. “What?" he asked.  "What happened?”

“We went on a field trip! I got to see the inside of the jail! And look – they gave me a mounted police badge! I'm going to hang it in our room!”

“The hell you will!” Jesse yelled. “Why wasn't I told about this!”

Ace rolled his eyes. “Dad, you signed the permission slip.”

Jesse thought back to that piece of paper he'd signed and given back to Ace. “Christ. I just thought it was some paperwork. I didn't read it.  Why would they take kids to the police station?” he asked with a shudder.

“D.A.R.E.  To keep a kid off drugs,” Ace quoted.

UGH! They were brainwashing his son! Jesse thought hotly. 

Just then his phone started to ring. Ace rolled his eyes at his Dad and head to the table to do his homework.

“Ayesha, you are not gonna believe where they took my kid today!” he said hotly. “Just let me have a word with that teacher of his!”  Jesse ranted about the government turning schools into jails. 

Ace rolled his eyes again. His Dad got so mad about stuff sometimes!

After he'd finished his homework, he walked around collecting dishes. 

“Hey, Ace, if you keep cleaning up all those plates, I'm not going to be able to lick them clean,” Jesse said to his son. "You gotta leave a few out for slobs like me!"

“That's so gross, Dad!” Ace laughed with disgust.

Jesse laughed at the look of revulsion that had come over Ace's face.  "Yeah, yeah!" he said, "I gotta get to work.  Quick!  Go run up to your playhouse!  See if you can see me as I head to work.”

“Awesome, Dad!” Ace cried as he scurried outside. He made it up the ladder in seconds flat and had his telescope out.

“I SEE YOU DAD!” he yelled out, then giggled when his Dad turned around to salute him. He'd show his Dad! He'd stay up and wait for him to get home.
But he only lasted 30 minutes before he was cold and tired and was ready to go to sleep. Maybe tomorrow...


  1. “Dad! Dad! Guess what! I got arrested today!” lmaooo. Yea that would make any parent jump up at that!

    1. Hehe... I didn't catch that he'd gotten sent to the Police Station on the field trip until he was there and the teacher said something like, "No, Ace, don't lock the door." Probably not the best place for a thief's son to go. :)