January 9, 2014

Jesse: Week Four, Day One

Tattoo: ??
Hot-headed: Fought with Anne over Zelda's visit.

Jesse spent the morning with Ace goofing off. They played pat-a-cake and had a tickle war.  Soon, they were rolling around on the floor playing, whooping and hollering. 

When the doorbell rang, Jesse got up. “I'll be right back, kid,” he told Ace and jogged downstairs.

“Anne!” Jesse said affectionately when he saw his girlfriend at the door, but the smile dropped when he saw how livid she was.  "Umm... come in..."

Anne stalked inside as Jesse closed the door.  He walked over to where she'd started pacing in the kitchen.  "So what's going on?" he asked cautiously. 

“Did you have a good day yesterday?” she asked snidely.

“What? Uh, yeah,” Jesse said, trying to remember what he'd done yesterday.  Then he remember, he'd “Hey! I taught Ace to walk! You should see him go now!”  Jesse was a proud papa.

And usually Anne loved to hear news about Ace... 

You bastard!” she yelled, slapping him. “I didn't believe it when I heard. But, it's true, isn't it?"

Jesse reared back. “What the hell are you talking about?  Heard what?” he asked, rubbing his cheek.

“You had Zelda over yesterday!” she said with tears in her eyes.

“So?" Jesse demanded, his temper pricked.  "She's Ace's mom. She's going to be around!” Jesse said, trying to understand why she was so mad.  "Come on, babe, it's usually just on the holidays."

"Well, usually, I don't have to hear nasty gossip about your visit!" she shouted.

Jesse blanched.  "What nasty gossip?" he demanded.  "Because nothing happened!"

Anne turned her back on him.  "My co-worker is Ilianna Langerak, you know, Zelda's sister.  She said that Zelda came home bragging about how sexy her baby's daddy was.  That you had let her feel your muscles!"  Anne paused, resuming her pacing. 

"Well," Jesse stalled as he tried to think of a response.  F-ing Ilianna, he thought angrily, that woman had been a thorn in his backside since the day he had met her!

Anne continued on, "And then you lied about her being here!  Something happened, didn't it?!"

“I didn't tell you because I didn't think about it!” Jesse yelled back.  Zelda was pretty much as low as you could go on his give-a-damn radar.   He could see that Anne wasn't believing a word of it, though.  "NOTHING HAPPENED!" he shouted, frustrated beyond belief.  His relationship was crumbling and he felt powerless to fix it!

“Oh, just forget it! This is pointless!" Anne snapped.  Sadly, she shook her head.  "I thought I could be the one for you, but I can't do this - the tattoos, the Warehouse, the baby! Just keep waiting for the other foot to drop.  For you to decide I don't fit in with your friends or in your life and I just can't do it anymore!  We're just too different!"

Then, whirling around, she hurried away.

To hell with women! Jesse thought angrily as he watched her go.  Who needed their drama?  

Jesse kicked a toy out of his way.  Then, sighing, he headed upstairs to get Ace ready for bed.  Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the damn mistletoe that he'd kept above his bed for Anne's visits.

Angrily, he ripped it from the ceiling and threw it on the floor.  It had been a stupid present anyway, he thought angrily. 

After the babysitter arrived, Jesse slammed from the house, ready to take out some of his aggression on some Side Jobs that Red gave him.

"You want a Side Job?" Red asked in disbelief.  "What about all that crap about how you have a baby at home that you need to stick around for?  You know you can get caught and go to jail, right?"

Jesse gritted his teeth.  "Do you have a job or not, Red?" he said gruffly. 

Red had stared at him a moment and then nodded. 

And then Jesse had screwed it all up because he'd been so distracted thinking about Anne. They'd been staking out the Landgraab's mansion when his phone had started ringing.  They'd had to call off the heist because of it.  Red had been pissed

So much for being a professional slacker, Jesse thought. He'd be lucky if Red didn't fire him...


  1. No no no no! :c Aww man Anne, he is innocent honest!

  2. Bah! He's gotta stop letting Zelda come over, she's just pure trouble!

    1. It only takes Jesse a few years to learn how to handle Zelda. :)