January 9, 2014

Jesse: Week Four, Day Seven


Jesse woke up and bummed around the house, feeling sorry for himself. Thinking a party would cheer him up, he called over his co-workers. Nothing like hanging out with good friends to knock the chip off your shoulder.

Jesse had just finished dancing with Ayesha when Ace came up angrily. “Read me a book, Dad,” he said, ignoring Aleysha.

“Hey bud, I was talking to someone. You're not supposed to interrupt.”

“I said to read me a book to sleep! You never read to me anymore!” Ace yelled.

“Hey! Where's the attitude coming from mister? Get upstairs to bed!” Jesse shouted back.

Ace turned around with tears in his eyes and ran upstairs.

Jesse glanced back at Alyesha with a bewildered look. “He's been down since he came back from his mother's. I don't know what's gotten into him!”

Aleysha shrugged, “He'll get over it.”

Jesse certainly hoped so! He wanted his bright, bubbly kid back! He needed to think of something to smooth things over with Ace...


  1. Whoops, I thought I'd paused the game on this day & didn't realize that I hadn't until it was almost 1 pm Sim-Time. :) Kind of a short update!

  2. Too short..*glares at you*

    Just kidding! Well not really. But oh man poor Ace, I understand where his frustration came from all of sudden. I'm sure he will be ok though. :)

  3. Something to smooth it over ... a talk over lunch! Poor Jesse, poor Ace.

    1. Poor Ace is having some growing pains. :)