January 9, 2014

Jesse: Week Four, Day Six

Tattoo: Knife in Heart on chest, right over his broken heart
Hot-headed:  Lost his temper with Anne after she rebuffed his attempt at rekindling their romance.

Jesse sat on the couch next to Ace.  “So are you ready for today?” he asked reluctantly.

“Yeah! I can't wait!” Ace said excitedly. “It's going to be awesome!”

Jesse tamped down the hurt. His little boy was going to stay the night with Zelda tonight since he'd gotten roped into going to Claire Ursine's bloody Love Day party. All in all it was looking like it was going to be a pretty miserable day.

Jesse hugged Ace. “I'll see you tomorrow, okay? Call me if you need me to get you.” Man, he was acting like an overprotective mother hen, he thought with disgust. But, he just couldn't seem to help it.

His little boy was growing up.

Ace waved as he head off on his bicycle.  "See ya, Dad!" he called.  Jesse waved until he couldn't see his son anymore and then went back inside to get ready.

Jesse had never been to Claire's house before, so he'd had to follow the directions she'd given him. As he pulled up in front, he thumped the wheel with frustration. Why did it have to be right next door to Anne's place?

The place was empty.  Jesse waited around in the empty room.  He could already tell this was going to blow...

Just as Jesse was about to walk out, Claire's daughter came down and explained the Claire had fallen asleep.  He guessed that's what happened when you started getting up there in age...

So here he was, right next door to Anne on Love's Day with nothing to do.  Maybe it was fate, he told himself.  He missed Anne like crazy. Acting on instinct, he hurried over before he could talk himself out of it.

Anne opened the door and frowned. “Oh, it's you,” she said flatly.  But, she opened the door as she said it and let him in.  He took that as a good sign.

Nervously, he cleared his throat. “Hey, ummm.. I was just next door and thought I'd come by to say hi.”

“Well, hi." Anne said.  "Now you've done it and you can go now.” Anne said, crossing her arms.

Jesse rocked back on his heels. “Well, I also wanted to say..." It was now or never, he thought to himself.  "Well, we've missed you. You know, Ace and I...” he added lamely, searching for something to say.

Anne threw her hands up in the air. “Well, you should have thought about that before you kicked me out of your life!” she said angrily.

Man, it sucked to have words thrown back at you.  Jesse winced.  “I'm sorry Anne.  I was upset at the time. I could've handled your visit better."

Anne just looked at him skeptically. 

He was sinking here, Jesse thought desperately.  “Come on, Anne.  It was good between us!  Maybe in honor of Love Day we could, you know... give it another chance?”

“Look! Give it a rest!  We weren't meant to be together. You're a wild party-animal and I'm an ambitious businesswoman.  We want different things from life!” she snapped.  "I'm not doing that again!"

“That's it then? We're nothing to each other?” Jesse asked sharply. “Not even friends?”

Anne walked to the door and opened it. “I'm sorry it had to be this way.”

Jesse left in a huff.  What had he been thinking?  Relationships were nothing but trouble!

Meanwhile, Ace had been enjoying the afternoon with his mom. She was great!  She loved to play tag and other kid's games. But, towards the evening, she had disappeared, leaving him with his cousin Parker.

And his cousin didn't seem to like him very much...

Feeling intimidated, he got up to try to find his mom.  He bumped into his scary Aunt Ilianna. “Umm, Hi!" Ace said.  "Umm, did you see where my mom went?” he asked with a wobbling voice.  He was starting to get really freaked out without his mom.  Everyone kept frowning at him over here...

Aunt Ilianna glanced over her back in the hall and smirked. “She seems to be done playing mother for the night,” she said before walking away.

Ace followed the direction of her gaze and saw his Mom flirting with someone.

All of a sudden, Ace felt really awkward.  This was not awesome.  He was in a house full of strangers.   His mom had left him, his cousins Kaylynn and Candace kept picking on him and he missed his dad.  In tears, he ran past his mom towards the door.

“Hey! Where are you going?” Zelda yelled as he ran past.  Turning back to the man she was with, she shrugged. “He'll find his way home, don't you think?”

Back at home, Jesse was brooding over how crappy his night turned out.  And then in ran Ace.

Alarmed, Jesse jumped up. “Is everything okay, bud? Have you been crying?”

Ace wiped the tears from his eyes and lied, “No!”  Immediately he launched himself into his dad's arms.  “I love you, Dad!”

Jesse hugged Ace tightly, surprised to feel some tears stinging his own eyes. “Yeah. Back at ya, bud. Happy Love Day..."


  1. I'm not going to lie. I was trying to get Anne & Jesse back together, but they were just not having it. Jesse didn't even instigate the argument this time. Anne was apparently still ticked from getting kicked out of the birthday party... lol

  2. Aww man </3 Jesse having a hard time with Anne and Ace being treated like crap at his mom's, yea some love day indeed.

    I hate it when my sims get invited to a party and there's hardly anyone there. What gives..smh.

    1. Seriously, he tried having a nice conversation with his mom & his cousins Candace and Kaylynn kept running over to pick a fight with him. Ilianna raised some meanie-heads!

  3. Gawd, Illiana is horrible. Why would you treat a child like that ...

  4. Aww, it sucks how badly love day turned out for the both of them. Really good story material though! It would have been pretty out of character for Zelda to act like a mom for once.