January 9, 2014

Jesse: Week Four, Day Three

Tattoo:  Knife in Heart on chest, over his broken heart
Hot-headed:  Jesse cussed out the tree while building the tree-house.  (Some people are not born  handymen...)

This waking up before 8 am in the morning was getting old, Jesse thought as he stumbled towards the bathroom.  The water had been running non-stop for thirty minutes now and Jesse was worried Ace had left it on.

He was shocked when he saw the mess in the room.  Raising his eyebrows, he asked, “Wow! Did you get any of that water on you?”

“I was in a submarine, Dad! We were under attack!”

Jesse smiled. “Well, it looks like they won! Come on, let's go have breakfast before school.”

Downstairs, Jesse sat while Ace shovel cereal in his mouth. “So are you ready for school today?” he asked his son.

“Nah, I don't wanna go.  I want to build the BIGGEST, MOST AWESOMEST tree house EVER!” Ace said.

Jesse laughed. “I'll see what I can throw together while you're at school.”

“AWESOME!” Ace said excitedly. “All the kids are going to love it!”

Jesse shuddered. He wasn't sure he was ready for tons of kids coming over all the time. His kid was fine... other people's kids... not so much!

But he wanted to make Ace happy, so Jesse ran out to the store to get the materials. Cursing, he spent what felt like forever trying to figure out where to put the stupid thing. What should've taken about an hour wound up taking him the whole damn morning.

By the time that was done, he just wanted to sit back and kick it with a few friends with a beer in hand.  He'd earned it!  Damn tree!

Jesse pulled aside Xander when he'd first come over.  “Hey, man. I hope everything's forgiven,” Jesse said when he saw Xander.

Xander punched his arm. “You know it, bro. It was my bad. She might be crazy, but she is hot!”

Pretty soon, everyone trickled out and Jesse was left alone.  Man, the place was empty without Ace!  It was going to take awhile getting used to not having him around all the time.

Ace came home with a friend, Steve Andrews and played around in the awesome playhouse while his Dad napped.

"Wow, your place is cool!" Steve said in awe.  "Your dad's the best!"

Ace smiled.  "Yeah, he's AWESOME!"


  1. Aww sweet of Jesse to put up the tree house for Ace. <3 I laughed at the tub scene and Jesse cussing up a storm as he worked on the tree house :P.

    1. Lol, I've never played Generations, so it's been fun checking out all the new kid interactions. :)