January 12, 2014

Jesse: Week Seven, Day One

Tattoo: Rose Tattoo on back of neck
Hot-headed: Blew up at Red when she informed Jesse that Holly had to go undercover...

It was still early in the morning in the Black household.  Everyone slept peacefully in their beds

Everyone but little Bethany...

Jesse walked in the room to check on his little princess and found her wide awake.  "Just waiting for Daddy, aren't you, princess?" he asked as he lifted her into his arms.  "You know I brought a bottle for you, huh?"

Bethany sucked happily in her father's arms, reaching up to grab his hand as he fed her the bottle.

When Holly woke up, she peeked in the nursery and hurried downstairs to check on Bethany.  The poor dear was probably waiting for her!  She found Jesse in the nursery snuggling their daughter.  Her heart melted.  He was such a good father!  But then, she's always known that about him.  The way he had cared for Ace was one of the reasons she'd fallen in love with him.

She tiptoed quietly out of the room to give father and daughter time to bond.


When Jesse came out of the  nursery, he found Holly preparing breakfast.  "Mmm.. waffles," he said with a grin.  "I love a good home-cooked meal!"

Holly looked up at him and walked around to the table and pulled him into her arms.  "Well then you will get home-cooked meals every day!" she said before pulling his head down to her own.  "What do you say to a late breakfast?" she asked huskily. 

"I'd say that I don't know what I did right today, but I promise to do it every day!" Jesse said.  Man, what a way to start the day, he thought happily. 

The happy couple ran up the stairs and landed in bed for a morning romp.
Ace groaned and pulled the pillow over his head.  Where they at it againHid Dad and Holly were like rabbits and his room was right next to theirs!  The squeaking bed drove him nuts.  Grumpily, he got out of bed and headed downstairs to check on his little sister.


Leaving Jesse in the bed to sleep, Holly headed downstairs to straighten the house.  It was Bethany's birthday today and she wanted it to be perfect!  She'd invited her family and the Coys over to join them. It should be a nice, cozy party!

Ace waited impatiently for Kristina to show up.  When she walked through the door, he lit up.  "Hey Kristina! How've you been?" he asked eagerly.  It'd been awhile since he'd seen her.  She'd been so busy lately with end-of-school stuff.

“Hey Ace,” Kristina answered with a hug. “I've been so busy with all these auditions lately."

Ace had been about to ask her what auditions when Jesse called out from across the room.  “Come on, everyone! Let's get this show on the road!"

Everyone gathered around the cake and cheered as Bethany and Jesse blew the candles out on the cake.  Every chatted over cake and cooed over how much Bethany had grown.
And then the house was quiet once more.  Ace and Kristina headed out on a date, Holly's father and sister headed home to tend to his young son, Jeremiah.  (Holly had been upset when she'd learned her father had remarried after her mother's passing.  It was even worse that it was Kaylynn Langerak, Ace's cousin that had been so mean to him growing up!)

The only person left remaining was Red.  She met Jesse in the nursery.

“You've aged well,” she said peevishly.

“Aw, Red. You're still sexy!” Jesse assured his old friend.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go feed your baloney to Holly. I'm not buying it!” Red mouthed off. “Actually, there was something I wanted to talk to you about. I'm going to need Holly to join the Journalism field. Simis Bachelor has an axe to grind and he's been publishing some stories that aren't any good for any of us. I need her to help temper the news, if you know what I mean.”

“Oh man, Red!” Jesse said angrily. “I'll never see her! I'll work nights and she'll work days! What about Bethany?”

Red shrugged. “The alternative is that we all sit in jail. What'll happen to little Bethany if mommy and daddy are separated in the slammer?”

Jesse stabbed his hand through his hair. “You've talked to her about this?” he asked.

Red patted his shoulder. “Nope. That's for you to do. Get it done,” she said as she walked away.

“Real nice, Red! REAL NICE!” Jesse yelled after her.

Jesse went to find his wife and break her heart.

He found her preparing Bethany for bed.  "Holly, we've got to talk..." Jesse said sadly.

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  1. Oh man! I hope this doesn't mess up a happy home!