January 12, 2014

Jesse: Week Seven, Day Two

Tattoo:  Rose on back of neck
Hot-headed:  Groused at Ace for his bad driving...

Ace woke up feeling like crap.  He fought with Kristina last night when he found out she was planning on moving away after graduation.  He couldn't believe she hadn't told him!  She'd talked about wanting to be a big-shot Hit Movie Composer, but that it would never happen in little po-dunk Sunset Valley.  She needed to be in the big city where people would take her seriously. 

Even worse..

She had broken up with him!  She had told him that long distance relationships were just too hard. 

Graduation was going to suck, he thought miserably.

It got him to thinking, though.  He hadn't really thought about what he'd go after graduation, outside of living happily-ever-after with Kristina.  Ha, he thought sourly, that's not going to happen now, is it?

So, what was he going to do with his life?  His music teacher seemed to think he could play the guitar pretty well.  Maybe there was something he could do at the theater?  Ace headed over to the theater to see if they were hiring...

The lady behind the counter said that they were hiring some fans, people to sit in the crowd and cheer for the performers.  Ace had thought that sounded pretty lame.  But, he took the application to think about it.  What else was he going to do?  While he was there, he shelled out some cash for a guitar lesson.  He'd been surprised by how much he'd learned!  


Holly couldn't believe how precious Bethany was.  When she went in to check on her daughter, she found her playing with the little doll her father had given her. 

She watched her play for awhile before announcing it was time to practice walking!  Little girls didn't learn how to walk and talk on their own!

Jesse watched Holly trying to teach Bethany to talk and smiled when he saw the girl scrunch her face up and scowl.  He remembered when Ace had been that way!

Although, there was still an awful lot of scowling, Jesse chuckled to himself.  

Just then, Ace slammed the front door as he came in from the cold.  Jesse sighed.  He'd been hoping that getting out and about this morning would help put him in a good mood.
“Hey, happy birthday, kid!” Jesse said cheerfully. "How's your big day going so far?"

Ace frowned and shrugged.  "Ok, I guess," he answered grumpily.

Jesse  tossed the keys at his son.  “I thought we might take the car around for a spin before your birthday party.”

Now that put a smile on Ace's face.  “You mean it, Dad? Really? That'd be AWESOME!”

Jesse laughed as he called out to Holly, “Be back in a bit!”

Jesse put his seat belt on and watched as Ace put the car in park.  "Alright," Jesse said.  "You're going to want to push on the gas just a little..."

Ace pushed down on the gas pedal and the car shot forward with a jerk. 

Jesse put his hand up on the dashboard to keep from shooting forward and glared at Ace.  "I said just A LITTLE bit," he said irritatably.

Ace sheepishly grinned at his Dad. "Sorry!"

The next hour probably took five years off of Jesse's life!  He didn't realize it would be so nerve-wracking teaching Ace to drive!  He made it for an hour before announcing the lesson was done.

"Aw, Dad! But I haven't earned my driver's license yet," Ace complained.

Jesse said grouchily, "Tough, you can teach yourself when you're an adult!  It's time to get home for your party, anyways."

Ace scowled again and the pair headed home.

As Ace got out of the car, he saw his mom and bounced back to happy.

"Mom!" he called out excitedly. "You came! That's awesome!"

Zelda smiled as Ace wrapped his arms around her.  "I couldn't miss your big birthday, could I?" she asked. 

Jesse smiled when he saw Zelda.  He knew how much it meant to Ace to have her there.  And Zelda seemed to have grown up in the past few years.  They'd finally seemed to get to a place where they could all come together on a holiday happily.

Rubbing his hands together, he invited everyone inside.  "Let's get inside.  It's freaking freezing out here!"
Ace stood by the cake and glanced around the room.  All his family and friends had shown up to celebrate his birthday with him.

Quickly, he glanced at Kristina.  She'd come, he thought.  That must mean something...  She wouldn't have come if she didn't still care, right?

Shaking his head, he blew all the candles out.  Maybe his wish would come true...

Jesse clapped and cheered as his son blew out the candles on the cake.  He didn't think it was possible to be more proud of his son!

His boy was finally his own man, now...


  1. Oh, maybe, Ace!
    And maybe you just need to go with her ... ;)

    1. Except he rolled single-dad for his generation. Dang it! Lol. That's one cool thing about the Random Legacy - I definitely play differently than usual!

  2. I saw that Ace rolled single and I said 'Darn it!'. I so wanted him and Kristina together but she and Ace's destiny have other plans. Can't wait to see what he gets into now that he is an adult.