January 11, 2014

Jesse: Week Six, Day Five

Tattoo: Skull and Roses on left forearm
Hot-headed:  Spazzed out when Holly went into labor.
Ace tiptoed up the stairs to use the bathtub. He had his own toilet, but Dad hadn't put a shower in. Pretty lame!  He saw Holly and his Dad all cuddled up in bed and a whole lot became clear. No wonder Holly had been so quick to tattle on his to his Dad.

As he lounged in the tub, he'd considered booby-trapping the sink and toilet to make Holly regret that she'd moved in... but he didn't have time. The bus came and it was time to go to school. 

Oh well, it probably wouldn't have been smart to piss Dad off anymore right now, Ace thought. He didn't need to be grounded until he graduated! He wanted to see Kristina again!


Holly woke up in the morning and hurried to the bathroom. Nervously she took the pregnancy test.   It was a good thing Jesse loved her and planned to marry her, because she was pretty sure that she was about to have his baby...

Now she just had to tell him...

Thank God, he'd been so excited to be a father again.  “All the more reason to marry quickly," he'd assured her. "Our baby is going to have my last name! Just wait until I tell Ace!” Then, Jesse remembered that Ace was ticked at him. Oh man, he hoped Ace adjusted to this well...

Holly read the uncertainty on Jesse's face and worried.  "Are you sure about this?" she asked him nervously.

Jesse patted her arm. “I've never been more sure of anything," he assured her.


They'd planned the wedding for 4 pm, so that Ace would be done with school.  Holly had worried that the fog and rain would linger throughout the day, ruining the wedding, but the weather miraculously cleared in the afternoon.  Holly said that it was a sign that their wedding was meant to be.  Jesse thought that it was just damn good luck, but whatever...
“Are you sure you're cool with me getting married to Holly?" Jesse asked. "And getting a baby brother or sister?”

Ace shrugged, “Sure. I want you to be happy, too.  Someone's got to take care of you!”

"I'm damn proud of you, kid."  Man, the wedding must've been making him all emotional, Jesse thought as he teared up a bit as he hugged his son.

And then it was time. His wedding!  Jesse rubbed Holly's stomach and felt the baby kick..

Jesse slipped the ring on Holly's finger...

...and she was his wife, Mrs. Holly Black.

And not a minute too soon!  After making their way home, Holly surprised Jesse by going into labor the minute they stepped through the door. “Oh man, what do we do? What do we do?” Jesse panicked.

“I don't know! I haven't done this before!” Holly wailed as she gritted her teeth through the contraction. “You're the one with a child!”

Jesse jumped from one foot to the other. “Yeah, but I wasn't around for all that! I just saved Ace from being put up for adoption! Oh man! We should've planned better!”

“Take. Me. To. The. Hospital.” Holly said through her gritted teeth.

Jesse ran to the car, started it and took off.  A minute later, he stopped the car and slammed it in reverse.

Christ, he'd almost left the pregnant woman.

Several minutes later, Holly finally got in the car.  “I'm pregnant Jesse. I can't run a marathon!” she grumbled.

Jesse parked on the side of the road and they raced into the hospital together...

...And came out with a beautiful baby girl, Bethany Black.


  1. LOL!!! Oh man Jesse was a wreck! Poor thing, I died when he almost left Holly lol. Awww, hi Bethany!

    1. Hehe. He RAN to the car and sat there waiting for Holly... and waiting... and waiting... Pregnant woman took her time. :)