January 11, 2014

Jesse: Week Six, Day One

Tattoo: ??
Hot-headed: Snapped at Miraj Alvi while trying to befriend him...

Jesse plopped down next to Ace on the couch. “You ready for the big day?” he asked his son.

Ace grinned at his dad. “Oh yeah! I can't wait! It's going to be awesome!”

Jesse clapped his son on the shoulder. “Well, I'm real proud of you son! You've really turned it around!  Have fun!”

Ace grinned nervously. “I should probably go get ready, huh?” Ace jumped up.

As Ace scurried away, Jesse called out, "HOME BY CURFEW!"

Ace spent the next hour getting ready and checking himself out in the mirror.  He hoped he didn't make a fool of himself at his Formal...

Finally, his dad called from the living room, “Kristin's here!”

Ace hurried out to great his date. “You look beautiful,” he said, stepping back to look at her dress. Just then it started to hail.

“Hurry, let's get in the limo!” Kristin yelled and they jumped into the waiting limo.

They pulled around the corner as bemoaned hail on the Formal Dance night.  He hadn't even had a chance to kiss Kristina yet!

After the limo dropped them off, Ace and Kristina hurried inside.  Man, it was pelting up a storm!

But, despite the less spectacular start to the Formal, Ace really had an awesome time.  He'd just practiced one of his smooth moves when Kristina asked him if he wanted to be girlfriend-boyfriend. Did he ever! “YEAH!” he said. “That's awesome!”

And then the night got even better!  He was voted Prom King & Kristina was voted Prom Queen!  He saw his cousin Candace pouting in the crowd.  She had wanted her and her boyfriend, Kelly Landgraab to win. Sucks to be you! he thought, shooting her a nasty grin.


Jesse headed over to Miraj Alvi's house.  Red said the his brother VJ had fallen behind in some payments.  She wanted Jesse to go over and do reconnaissance.  “You know, befriend him.  Find out what VJ's weaknesses are so that I can hit him hard."  Red did not like to be crossed.

It had seemed easy enough at the beginning, but it turned out to be hard to get any information from this Miraj guy.  Jesse rolled his shoulders and thought with some irritation that Red should've sent a more friendly team-member rather than him.  He was seriously close to losing his patience with this guy.  This guy was just too... too good-two-shoes!  He wouldn't gossip about his loser brother!  

“Come on!” Jesse finally snapped.  "Your brother owes some serious dough to some important people.  Tell me what he's spending the money on so I can help him.   I'm on your side.  I'm your friend."

Miraj's mouth had dropped open with shock and he'd given up everything he knew about his brother's activities.

Jesse clapped the kid on the back and told him he'd made a good decision, then turned around and headed to work. 

When Jesse got home from work, he found Ace on the couch. “Hey bud, what are you doing on the couch? I bought you a new bed!”

Red was suitably impressed, although she had expected more finesse from him in befriending Miraj. 

Jesse shrugged, "What? You expected me to give him flowers and candy, Red?" 

When Jesse came home from work, he was surprised to see Ace on the couch.  He tried to tiptoe through the room, but Ace woke up.

Ace rubbed his eyes sleepily as he sat up. "Dad?"

Jesse stopped.  "Gotta work on my sneaking skills," he said with self-deprecation.  "What are you doing out here in the living room?  Didn't I just spend thousands of dollars on a room for you?"

Ace smiled.  "I know, I know! I was trying to stay awake to tell you the news."

"Oh yeah? What news?" Jesse asked.  "Lay it on me!"

Ace grinned cheerfully and announced proudly, "I was voted Prom King and Kristina asked me to go steady with her!  And Candace hated that I got voted Prom King! She hated it even more when  her boyfriend came up and congratulated me!  Isn't that awesome?!"
Jesse pulled his son into a man-hug.  "I'm real proud of you, kid!  I'm glad you had fun!"

"I sure did, Dad," Ace said sleepily.  "Well, I'm going to go hit the hay! My bed is way more comfortable than that couch!"

Jesse smiled.  "I bet. I found that thing in a dumpster."

A look of horror crossed Ace's face.  "A dumpster? For real?"

Jesse waved Ace away.  "That's a story for another night.  Let's get some shut-eye, kid."

Ace went to lay down in his new bed, resolving to never sleep on that couch again.  His Dad was so gross!

Falling asleep, he dreamed of Kristina.


  1. Yay, Prom King! And way to stick it to that bratastic cousin! :P

  2. Kristina and Ace a couple now, awwww yay!

  3. Lol, the dumpster couch! It really is pretty gross, Jesse, but you are forgiven because you look so cool with your new shades <3 XD

    1. I love that dumpster couch! The family's going to keep it until the end of time! Lol