January 12, 2014

Jesse: Week Six, Day Seven

Tattoo: Skull and Roses on left forearm
Hot-headed: Jesse argued with Holly over her arrangements for his birthday party.

Jesse spent the morning working out.  He had to stay in excellent shape. He'd started to notice he had to work out longer to stay in the same shape.  It was a pain working out with the old radio, though. 

Holly spent the morning outside, painting. She couldn't wait to surprise Jesse with the portrait she was doing! She had everything planned and just knew he was going to love it!


Jesse glanced at the guy walking down the stairs before the big party had planned. “Are you sure we should've hired someone to come clean?” he asked petulantly. “You know I hate people digging through my stuff.”

Holly patted his shoulder. “He's not digging through anything. He's cleaning!  My, you're already sounding like a grumpy old man.”

Jesse glanced around the room. “And a buffet table? Why the hell do we need that?” he asked impatiently. “Man! All I wanted was a damn pizza, not this fancy-schmancy shit!”

Holly reared back as though he'd slapped her. “I just wanted to make it nice for you!” she said with tears in her eyes.

Aw, man, he'd hurt her feelings, Jesse thought uncomfortably. “Fine, fine. It's great," he said trying to pull her into his arms.

Holly pulled away.  “You don't mean that!” she said peevishly.

Jesse threw his hands up in the air.  “Yeah, okay. I'm guilty!  I might not love it, but I do love you. I've just never had anyone make a big deal out of my birthday before,” Jesse added uncomfortably.

Those must've been the magic words because Holly's tears immediately evaporated and she threw herself into Jesse's arms. “Well, I'll always make a big deal out of your birthday!”

Just then, Ace walked in and saw his Dad and Holly hugging.  "Ew, get a room!" he said playfully. 

"Are you ready to give your Dad his present, Ace?" Holly asked.  "I'd like to do that before the guests arrive."

Ace grinned. "Yeah, and he is going to love it!"

Jesse rubbed his hands with glee.  "Well then, let's get this party on the road!" Presents!

Ace beamed as he handed his dad his gift. “I bought it already, you just need to pick it up,” Ace explained.

“Score! A treadmill?!” Jesse asked with surprise.  "Thanks, kid!"

“I've been saving for awhile,” Ace explained. “I hope you like it.”

Holly smiled, but reminded Jesse,  “We'll have to discuss where to put that,” she said.

Ace tossed his Dad a look that said “WHOOPED!”

“Now, my present!” Holly said excitedly. “I spent all morning working on it!”

Jesse opened the box and forced a smile on his face. “A picture... of me?” Jesse tried to drum up some enthusiasm. “You shouldn't have!” What the hell was he going to do with a picture of himself? Christ, he hoped she didn't want to hang it above the bed...

Holly grabbed it from Jesse's hands.  "I thought that we would hang it up right here in the dining area," she said proudly.  

Jesse watched in horror as she slipped the portrait on the wall.  He was going to have to stare at that thing every morning when he ate breakfast?

Man, maybe he was turning into a crotchety old man already!


  1. Oh. Em. Gee. How did a snob manage to take such a crap photo?! XD

    1. I know! I was incredibly annoyed with her for that crappy founder painting. It made me miss Sims 2 painting!

  2. Jesse cracks me up. He's going to be a funny old man. Umm yea.. that painting isn't the best lol. Abstract Jesse maybe?

    1. It's probably a good likeness of the face he made when he opened the present to find a painting of him. Lol.

  3. Haha, wow, Holly isn't quite as laid back once she's your wife, huh? That picture of Jesse is hilarious!