January 12, 2014

Jesse: Week Six, Day Six

Tattoo: Skull and Roses on left forearm
Hot-headed: Random argument with Alaina Alto.  No one knows why they were bickering.

Holly had been serious when she said that she had some money tucked away for a rainy day. Jesse should have know – her father was seriously loaded! But a $60,000 nest egg – Christ! They could afford to move anywhere they wanted to!

But Holly had been adamant. This was their home. They would just spruce it up. She'd been giddy when she showed Jesse & Ace the plans she'd had drawn up...

“Why are there two master bedrooms upstairs?” Jesse asked.

Holly rolled her eyes and said that Ace was almost an adult now and would need more space.

“I thought he'd just move out,” Jesse had said, glancing at Ace over the table.  Ace had shrugged.

But Holly had shaken her head and said that Ace couldn't move out & that he'd always have a place with them on the Black Estate... even when he got married and had kids of his own.

Ace smiled. He was already imagining marrying Kristina. No kids or anything – but he'd definitely have Kristina!


The remodeling had been a pain in the butt, but finally it was done.  The Black Estate, Jesse thought.  A place for all the future generations to live and prosper.  It made him proud.

Ace glanced around the kitchen and dining rooms...

 Then gazed over at the living room.  "Lot of changes," he said to his Dad.

"Yeah, there sure have been!" Jesse agreed.

"I see you won the argument about keeping that nasty couch!" Ace said.

"Hey! That couch is a relic! It's been with me since I first moved in here! I'm going to put in my will that all future generations must keep that damn couch!"

Ace laughed.  "Holly gave you a hard time about it, huh?"

Jesse cringed.  "Who knew she was such a snob about this stuff?"


“Come on, let's throw a Feast Party,” Holly cajoled.

“I dunno,” Jesse hedged. “It's an awful lot of work.”

“I'll take care of everything,” Holly offered.  "I promise!"

And yet again, Holly got her way. And yet again, she showed him just how thankful she when she slipped into the shower with him that morning.


With a brand-new Fall photo of the family hanging on the wall, Holly called up her family & the Coys to ask if they wanted to spend the holiday with them.  

Unfortunately, Red hadn't been able to make it. But, Ace was so excited to see Kristina head over for the family meal.  This was going to be awesome!  He surprised her with a bouquet of red roses.

Holly's family came and soon it was time to sit down for the meal.  The love-sick teens sat separately at the bar as the adults took their places around the table.

“Let's bow our heads and say grace for our blessings,” Holly said. “I know that I am thankful for my new husband, new daughter AND my new son,” she said, winking over at Ace.

Dinner went better than Holly had imagined! The adults sat at the table and the teens sat at the bar.

Holly wasn't quite sure what her sister Alaina had said to upset Jesse, but soon they'd started yelling at each other.  “Jesse, calm down,” she said quietly to him.   Jesse rolled his shoulders and stormed inside, slamming the door.

When Holly heard the baby crying, she hurried inside after her husband.  She glared at him as they rushed into the nursery to soothe the baby.

She was surprised to find her father already in there, coddling the baby like a old pro.  Turning around he grinned at his daughter, "You kids go on, Grandpa's got the little tyke."


  1. What a lovely remodel! And it's a bit funny about Ace and Kristina--will he ever find out that his potential mother-in-law was sweet on his dad once upon a time?

  2. Lol. Nope, I think that's going to be one of those things that get buried with time. :)

  3. Nice upgrade to the house! Jesse just had to keep that couch huh lol. Hmm I must have missed the part about Kristina being Red's daughter! Woww.

    Ok what is going on with Alaina and Jesse? I hope she didn't say anything demeaning >:|

    1. Lol. I don't know what happened with Alaina and Jesse. I just caught them arguing outside & made that his hot-headed moment of the day. :) I think Alaina is a little unbalanced... :)

  4. Wow, what a change! Really nice job on the remodeling :)

    1. It's hard to imagine that house used to be a shack! Thank goodness Holly came with lots of money!