January 11, 2014

Jesse: Week Six, Day Three

Tattoo: Skull and Roses on left forearm
Hot-headed: Jesse had a spat with Holly over their new relationship.

Jesse was excited the next morning when Holly called him up for a date the next morning.

"How about we meet at the art museum?" she suggested.

Jesse grimaced.  "The art museum?"  He'd been kind of hoping that she'd want to come over and rock the sheets a little more while Ace was at school.  But, he guessed if she wanted to go out... there was always after the museum... "Sure," he said reluctantly.

Holly laughed.  "Oh come on, it will be fun! We'll broaden your horizons yet!"

What the hell did that mean? Jesse wondered as he hung up the phone.  Was she embarrassed of him?
Jesse met Holly at the museum, but he couldn't seem to quit stewing about her comment about broadening his horizon.  As they walked around the building, Jesse grouched about the paintings and complained about the sculptures.  "Ace could make something like that with his play-doh," Jesse said with disgust.

Holly glanced sharply at Jesse.  "Knock it off, Jesse," she snapped.

Oooh... so managed to piss off the high and mighty Alto, Jesse thought sourly. Guess standing in an art museum made him forget his "maybe I'll get nookie" stance. 

"I just don't see what the big deal is," Jesse said, crossing his arms.

"If you would just look at this picture, you'd see that the way the colors meet are tell the story. It's clear as day!" Holly snapped.

"Sorry, didn't mean to offend an art-lover!" Jesse countered.  This date was beginning to suck, Jesse thought sullenly.  Why in the world had he ever thought he and Holly work out? They were too different!

"Maybe we should just go," Holly said, glancing around, disappointed with the way the day had turned out.

"Why? Are you embarrassed of me?" Jesse demanded.  "I'm too 'low-brow' for you? Too 'working class poor'?  I bet you regret jumping in my bed now, aren't you?" Jesse winced.  He might've said that too loud...

Holly paled.  "I never said that!" she hissed in a whisper.  "And I think you're just looking for a reason to start a fight.  Well, fine! You win! I'll tell everyone what a douche you are!" Stomping her foot, she turned around and left him standing in the dumb art museum alone.

Dammit, Jesse thought as he chased after her. “Holly!” he called out.   But she just jumped in her car and sped off.  

Jesse thought about what she'd said.  Had he been trying to wreck the date on purpose?  Because he was pretty sure he'd never had sex that mind-blowing.  And he knew what a smart, funny lady Holly was.  So, maybe this thing between him and Holly was the real deal.

Only he had pissed her off pretty good just now. 

It would take a pretty big gesture to get in her good graces again...

He stopped off at the tattoo parlor on the way home for a new tattoo.  It was a Skull & Roses tattoo on his right forearm to symbolize new love.  Hopefully it helped win Holly over...


Back home, Jesse ran into Ace. 

“So, umm, Holly, huh?” Ace teased.

Jesse rubbed the back of his neck. “Yeah, sorry about that." Jesse said, realizing that Ace probably understood a whole lot more about what went down yesterday than he had thought about.  "Are you cool with me dating Holly?” he asked, then mumbled to himself, “If that's what she wants.”

Ace grinned at his dad. “Are you kidding? Sure! She's been at all my birthday parties and is always nice to everyone!  And I want you to be happy!" Glancing at his Dad, he added, "That sucked about Anne and Xander."

Jesse nodded. “Yeah. It just sucked finding out about it that way. I think I've been over Anne for awhile.  I guess I'd just been hanging onto the idea of having a real relationship with someone."  Shaking his head, he changed the subject.  "So, what are your plans for the night?"

Ace shrugged nonchalantly. “Oh nothing,” he said innocently. “Steve's gonna come over and we're gonna hang out.”

“Well, have fun and don't get in any trouble. Home by curfew!” Jesse said as he took off for work.


Ace couldn't wait for Steven to hurry over. His cousin Candace had been spreading rumors about him and Kristina and he was going to teach her a lesson!  That crazy chick had even started snubbing him!

“Come on Steve,” Ace said when his friend arrived.   “Let's go egg her house.”

When they arrived, the teens watched Kaylynn walk into the house and shut the door. They giggled before they grabbed the eggs and started hauling them at the front door.

Unfortunately, because it was after curfew, there were tons of cop cars out patrolling the neighborhoods.

Steve saw the lights first.  "Cops, Ace! Run!"

Ace had never stood a chance.

As he sat in the front seat of the cop car, Ace couldn't help but think that his dad was going to kill him!


  1. LOL! Y'know, it's funny ... I bought Generations when it first debuted and I've yet to have any of my kids egg a house! They sure do like their pranks though, rascals.

    1. He rolled the wish for it, little punk! So I decided it would have to be Candace since she started snubbing him and was just plain mean to him all his life! :) He had to wait for his mom to get inside before doing it though. Lol.

  2. Oh I didn't know non-active sims can snub anonymously. I never seen that in my game. But tsk tsk and LOL at Ace for throwing the eggs. Daddy-o is not going to be happy about this.