January 11, 2014

Jesse: Week Six, Day Two

Tattoo: ??
Hot-headed:  Jesse yelled at Xander for dating someone inappropriate...  again...

Some Leisure Day it was, Jesse thought grumpily.  He'd invited some of the gang over for a BBQ, but the rain made it an indoor party.

So, everyone was crammed inside, talking and listening to Ace play the guitar he'd found him.  The kid had real talent, Jesse thought proudly.  He was a real virtuoso!  Must've got that from his mom because he sure didn't get it from him! Jesse could hardly carry a tune!

As he was talking to Holly, he stopped mid-sentence and stared...

Because there... in his home... Xander was KISSING Anne!!
He stormed over towards the couple. “Xander!  What the hell are you doing?” he shouted.

Anne put her arm around Xander's waist. “Jesse, calm down," she said quietly.  "I told you that I had something I needed to talk to you about..."

"What?" Jesse said dumbly.

"At the stadium.  I... well I was meeting Xander there for the concert.  We're dating," she said firmly, daring him to say anything about it. “And I've moved in with him.” 

Jesse felt blind-sided.  Somewhere in the back of his mind, he'd always expected to ask Anne to marry him when Ace was a little older, like in his mid-teens. “I thought you were my friend!” Jesse said hoarsely to Xander. “First Zelda.. and now Anne! What? Do you get off dating my rejects?"

“Shut your mouth!" Xander shouted back, scowling, clenching his fists.

"Boys, this is not the time or place for this discussion," Anne jumped in, trying to defuse the situation.  She reached out to touch Jesse's arm.  "I'm sorry you found out this way, Jesse," she said.

Jesse suddenly became aware that everyone in the room had stopped talking and were now looking at him. He didn't want everyone to think that he was still all hung up over Anne.  "Whatever.  It's not like I was pining over you or anything..." Jesse said, fighting embarrassment.

And then a voice piped up across the room.  "It's okay, Jesse. You can tell them now."

Jesse's gaze jerked over to Holly.  "What?" he asked.

Holly walked over and looped her arm into Jesse's arm.  "You can tell them that we're dating.  We don't need to hide it anymore."

As Jesse tried to catch up with whatever Holly's plan was, she wrapped her arms around him and whispered "Play along"  in his ear.

Play along?  Hell he was having trouble thinking straight right now with her arms wrapped around him and her body nestled up against his.

He glanced over and saw a stricken look pass Anne's face and he could swear he could hear Red shaking her head.   Maybe Holly's plan would work after all...

Jesse held Holly's hand.  "I thought you wanted to wait, baby," Jesse said, laying it on thick.  "But whatever you think is best."

Red clapped her hands together. "Well, gang. Looks like the show is over. Let's leave these two love-birds alone to celebrate the rest of the holiday alone!"

Jesse didn't even pay attention as everyone started trickling out.  He saw Anne hang back, as though she wanted to talk to him.

Thankfully, Holly saw as well.  She leaned in suggestively and said, rather loudly, "Come on baby, let's go upstairs!"

Jesse was pole-axed hearing those words come from goody-goody Holly's lips.  Flipping a cocky grin to Xander, who was now dragging Anne away, Jesse hurried up the stairs, ignoring whoever the hell was calling him.

Upstairs he fell in bed and flipped his hand over his eyes.  He felt Holly sit down next to him.  Pulling his arm off his eyes, he glanced over at her. 

Jesse swallowed.  Hormones were running rampant in his system and he didn't seem to be able to get over the fact that Holly Alto was in his bed.  His bed!  It didn't matter that she was just sitting there.  She was in his bed...

And, she seemed to be expecting him to say something...  "Umm.. thanks for that," he said gruffly. 

Holly shrugged.  "Seemed like you were close to losing it."

Jesse rolled his shoulders.  "Yeah, I guess I lost my cool a little."  He glanced over at Holly again.  Yup, she was still in his bed.  "Umm.. but you didn't have to... you know...  say you were dating me.  Maybe in a few days we can have a fake fight and you can tell everyone I'm a douche..."

"Or," Holly said, scooting closer.  "Or, we could not do that.  We could... you know... have a real relationship..."

"But..." Jesse's brain started short-circuiting when Holly had scooted closer to him.  Her arm was touching him... in his bed...

She gazed into his eyes, "Oh, Jesse! I've been waiting forever for you to make your move!  I don't want to wait any longer.  So we have two choices.  We can have a fake relationship for a few days and you can go back to stewing over Anne.  Or, we can make wild, passionate love right now and not give her another thought!"

"Oh, man," Jesse murmured, reaching out to touch her hair.  
Taking that as a yes, Holly threw her arms around his neck and began kissing him. 
Oh, man!  Jesse thought.  Where had this vixen been hidden all these years?

A few maneuvers later and Jesse glanced down at the flushed Holly.   "Are you sure about this?" he asked, worried she'd change her mind.

Holly responded by pulling his head back down to her lips. “Oh, I'm very sure!”

"Oh, man," Jesse said as they laid together afterwards, staring up at the ceiling. “Why have we never done this before?  We should've been doing that for years!”

Holly grinned.  "Glad you finally realized it!"

Jesse cringed. “Man, I'm sorry I wasted so much time thinking about her,” he told her. “I won't think about her ever again if you tell me we can do that again!”

Holly laughed and stroked his chest. “Oh, we'll be doing it again.. and again... And I'm going to kiss each and every one of these incredibly sexy tattoos...”

Jesse groaned. “Christ. I'm going to get more tattoos..."

As Jesse got ready for work, he saw Holly get up to get dressed, too.  "Stay," he told her.  "I'll be back tonight and I'd love to come home to you."

Holly arched that sexy eyebrow of hers.  "We'll see. If I get bored, I'm out of here."

Jesse kissed her roughly.  "Then don't get bored," he told her before hurrying from the house.


After work, Jesse practically ran up the stairs. When he got up there, he saw that Holly was gone...

But he swore he could still smell her perfume on his pillow...


  1. If Jesse & Holly's relationship seems rushed... that's because it was. I had always planned on moving Anne in when Ace hit his mid-teens. But, story-progression screwed me! Anne never really forgave Jesse for fighting with her & soon she started dating Xander & moving in with him. Damn story progression.

    But, I like to think it happened for a reason - because Jesse never would've discovered what a gem Holly is if Anne hadn't moved on...

  2. Eeek! Well, there's my hope swirling down the drain, sniff sniff. Oh well. As long as Jesse's happy!

    1. I know! I was so disappointed that Anne didn't work out. I did think it was hilarious that it happened with Xander, though. Of all the guys in the town - it HAD to be Jesse's "best friend"!

  3. Anne! Ugh I'm disappointed in her. Xander, smh what in the world man?! Well one door closed and another one opened for Jesse and he seems very happy so I'm happy for him.

  4. Haha, what drama! For a moment there I was thinking poor Jesse just can't catch a break, then Holly jumps in there and makes it all better, lol It was pretty funny that Anne picked Xander...

    1. I know! He was *saving* himself for Anne! And she got with *Xander*?! Ugh! Way to put a crimp in my story guys. Lol. I'm incredibly happy he wound up with Holly, though!

  5. Ah, too bad about Anne, but Holly was a nice save. =)

    1. Yeah she was. Looking back at the story, I still love how ironic it was that Holly Alto wound up being a criminal. :) And she had the hots for Jesse bad!

  6. Oh Xander, what are you doing? You don't just date all your best friend's exes...

    Holly is something else though! You know, I didn't think it felt rushed, because there was that sexual tension between them when she first started working at the warehouse. I can imagine it just built up for her over time, but Jesse, being a dude, was a bit too thick to notice until now ^_^

    By the way, I've been having so much fun reading your story, so I nominated you for a Sunshine Blogger Award!

    1. Lol - Xander is a little bit inappropriate - isn't he? Crazy guy!

      I absolutely loved Holly & Jesse together!

      Thanks for the nomination! I'll have to check it out this weekend!!