January 9, 2014

Jesse: Week Three, Day Four

Tattoo:  Blazing Black Ace on left shoulder
Hot-headed:  Confronted Goody-Goody Holly Alto about not being cut out to be a criminal.
Red wanted Jesse to stay late with a new recruit – Holly Alto - to show her the ropes.

Are you sure we can trust her?” Jesse had asked, checking the goody-two shoes up and down. “She looks like an undercover cop.”

Red grinned and cryptically said that Holly was just joining the family business. 

Jesse looked at her blankly.

Oh for the love of... she's Nick Alto's daughter!  Don't mess with him or his daughter... he takes his family seriously... if you know what I mean,” Red warned.

Jesse didn't know what it was - but something about her just didn't sit right with him.

“I've got my eye on you,” he warned her as he crossed his arms.

“What is your problem with me?” she asked with an elegantly raised eyebrow.  Jesse bet she practiced that condensending look in the mirror.

Jesse looked her up and down, trying to make her uncomfortable.  “You're just too goody-goody.  I don't think you have a clue what you're doing.”

Holly scoffed. “You do know who my father is, right?”

Jesse shrugged. “Doesn't mean you want break under pressure, does it?”

Holly crossed her arms and huffed. “I will not break under pressure!”  

With Holly's back against the wall, he was definitely crowding her space.  "I think you will.  I think that at the first sign of trouble you're going to take everyone down with you.  You know Daddy's money can't buy your way out of everything,” he said, leaning in close to whisper in her ear. 

Holly rolled her eyes at his macho display and shoved at his shoulders. “So that's the issue. You have a problem because I'm rich!” she said with a laugh as Jesse stepped back. “Grow up!"  Then she headed inside, shaking her head.

Jesse watched Holly go, his mind suddenly clearing of the excess testosterone.  He couldn't believe how close he'd come to trying to kiss her.  He was with Anne, for crying out loud and he was not a cheater! 

Shaking it off, Jesse decided he was just trying to intimidate Holly & that was why he'd decided to come on so strong.  He was just trying to shake her up a little... see if she cracked under pressure.

Who knew that he would've almost cracked!


  1. Ooh man, this is good! Forgot all about little miss Holly Alto. Coming over to the bad side now? Wow cant wait to see what happens with her and Jesse.

    1. I personally thought it was *hilarious* that Holly wound up being a criminal & following in her daddy's footsteps. When I was setting up the hood, I switched one of her traits to 'Equestrian instead of 'Good', hoping that the Altos would buy a horse (they didn't). I figure that's why she was seen anywhere near the Warehouse!