January 9, 2014

Jesse: Week Three, Day Seven

Tattoo:  Blazing Black Ace on left shoulder
Hot-headed:  Snapped at Zelda for coming on to him.

Jesse woke up early in the morning and went downstairs to exercise. He hadn't hit the gym for awhile because Ace was so young.  He liked to stay close to home. But, he'd learned how to make due with workouts at home. He'd been surprised how hard he was able to push himself!

When he'd finished his workout, he pulled his cell out to call Zelda, like he'd promised.  He wouldn't enjoy the afternoon, but he knew Ace would love seeing his mom.

Zelda had been babbled happily when he told her she could come over.   Man, she hadn't grown up a bit over the years.  She still acted like an immature teen

He went upstairs to get Ace ready. “Come on, bud. Your mom'll be here any minute.”

“No,” Ace said with a scrunched up face. “No mom.”

Jesse sighed. He felt the same way.  This was shaping up to be a long afternoon...

Jesse put Ace down to answer the door.  "Hey Zelda," he said as he let her inside.  "How's it going?"

Zelda looked him up and down and grinned saucily.  "You've been working out," she teased, reaching out to squeeze his bicep.  "Sexy!" 
Jesse scowled and jerked his arm away.  “Quit pawing me, Zelda," he snapped.  "You came here to see Ace... so see him!”

Zelda scowled. Her bubbly mood disappearing in an instant.  “Geez, Jesse! No need to act all virginal!" she snapped.  "I was just feeling your arm!"

Jesse shook his head. "Look, I'm in a relationship right now," he said awkwardly.

Zelda crossed her arms and flicked her wrist, "Oh yeah? Well, I've been seeing someone, too!" she bragged."

This was going downhill fast, Jesse thought miserably.  Turning to Ace, he called him over.  "Come on over Ace and say hi to your mom."

“No! No mom!” Ace said mutinously. “I hungry!”

Jesse grinned sheepishly at Zelda. “He just woke up. Let me get his breakfast ready.” Jesse went to the fridge to grab a bottle.

He wasn't surprised that Zelda didn't stay long, barely even glancing at Ace before taking off. Maybe she'd be better when Ace was a little older and could talk and play with her...

He spent the rest of his afternoon finishing teaching Ace to walk. It was rare to have these nice afternoons together.

What a great day it had been!


  1. Wow Zelda is very immature. Does she have the childish trait? Just curious.

    1. Yup. Zelda is Easily Impressed, Rebellious, Party Animal, Childish, & Flirty & wants to be a Rock Star. Not winning any mother of the year awards!

  2. Wow, even Ace knows better! This could be trouble when he's older ...