January 9, 2014

Jesse: Week Three, Day Six

Tattoo:  Blazing Black Ace on left shoulder
Hot-headed:  Argued with Zelda about when she could celebrate Snowflake Day with Ace.

“It's Snowflake Day!” Jesse said cheerfully when he got up. “Everyone's coming over today. It'll be nice to see everyone.”

He was taking out the trash when Zelda called. Figured. She only called around the holidays now.  He wasn't surprised when she said, “Can I come over to see Ace?”

Jesse shook his head.  “Let's plan something smaller, tomorrow.  I'm having a bunch of people over today & you won't have a good time.”

“But, I want to spend Christmas with my son!" she pouted. "You're so mean!”

Jesse's temper flared. “We've been over this before, Zelda. YOU gave up your rights to him."  Taking a deep breath, he sighed.  "Look, I don't want to argue about this on Snowflake Day.  I'll call you tomorrow to set something up.” Jesse hung up quickly before Zelda could push his buttons. Man, he wished they could get back to being friends.  It would make life so much simpler.

Jesse headed back inside. “Come on, kid, we need to clear up some room so that people can make a gift pile.”

“Big pile?” Ace asked.

Oh yeah, a huge pile. Can't wait to see what we get!” Jesse grinned.  He felt like it was his first Snowflake Day.

Finally people started trickling in and dropping off presents. 

Wow! Looking good Ayesha!” Jesse said when he saw her walk in with miles of leg and sexy red heels.

Ayesha just winked, “You know it, sweet thing.”

Anne watched Jesse talk to the woman from across the room, a little uncomfortable and uncertain.  He seemed so relaxed with her.  Anne chewed her lip.  She couldn't decide if it was something to worried about.  She was going to lose him, she worried.

Jesse raised his hands and called everyone to attention.  “Come on, guys! It's about time to get some new stuff!” Jesse shouted out. 

Ayesha scoffed loudly, “Yeah, without involving the cops!”

Xander whooped loudly as the rest of Jesse's friends laughed.  Everyone but Anne.  Jesse glanced over his girlfriend, sending her an awkward grin. He hadn't quite had a talk yet with her about what he did for a living...

She half-smiled back at him.  “Open yours first,” Anna said. “It's from me!”

Jesse opened his present & saw a little green plant. He looked at her questioningly.

Anne smiled. “It's mistletoe, silly!

“Umm... thanks," Jesse drawled.  What the hell was he supposed to do with a mistletoe? he thought

“Don't worry. I'll help you hang it after the party,” Anne promised in a whisper.

Now that sounded promising Jesse thought as tried to pay attention to the gift giving.  After the gift giving was done, Jesse hurried everyone along.  He couldn't wait to get Anne to himself.

"Now about that mistletoe?" Jesse asked as he pulled Anne into his arms.  "Where should we put it?"  He was looking forward to getting some kisses from her!

Anne smiled.  "Well, we hang it over the bed, of course."

“Over the bed,” he asked in surprise. “Why are we putting it there? How are we supposed to stand under it?”

Anne let her dress fall into a pool at her feet.  “I guess we'll have to lay down...” she said suggestively.

Jesse eagerly shed his own clothes and followed her upstairs.

Finally, Jesse thought as he tumbled into bed with Anne.  It was about time

After they were spent, pulled Anne over to cuddle with him. “Guess we can throw the 'no overnights' rule out the window," Jesse joked.  Man, he couldn't be happier!

Anne laughed and pushed at his chest. “Actually," she said, "it's time for me to go.”

What? WHY?" Jesse said, bewildered, attempting to pull her back to his side.  "The night's still young... stay!"

Anne hopped out of bed, dodging his grasping hands, and began putting on her clothes. “No," she said relunctantly.  "I think it's best that we keep our overnight visits limited. Ace is gettig older and I don't want him to get the wrong idea.”

What wrong idea? That his dad likes his girlfriend?”  Jesse was pretty sure he was pouting.

Anne rolled her eyes. “No, that casual sex is okay.”

"It felt pretty okay to me,” he said huskily as he rolled over to his side to watch her dress.

Anne leaned over and kissed him, expertly dodging him when he tried to pull her back into bed with him.  “Soon,” she promised. And then she was gone.

Jesse grumpily got up and headed to the bathroom. So this is what it felt like to be an adult, Jesse thought sullenly.  Making stupid, responsible decisions...

Man, it was so much easier to be young and not give a...

Jesse sighed and went to get Ace ready for bed.  When he laid back down in bed, he had to smile when he saw the mistletoe hanging above his bed. 
Damn, all in all, what a great Snowflake Day!


  1. Aww great snowflake party. Despite Jesse's temper at times, he's being a great father, friend and boyfriend. <3

  2. I <3 Jesse! He's a little bit rough around the edges, but has a good heart. That was my first time having a Snowflake Party! Seasons is so cute! (I hate all the blizzards, though...)