January 9, 2014

Jesse: Week Three, Day Three

Tattoo:  Blazing Black Ace on left shoulder
Hot-headed:  Attempted to argue & fire the scaredy-cat Babysitter that didn't care good care of Ace. Settled for grumbling & slamming through the kitchen...

Jesse had barely come home from work and kissed Ace good morning when he got a phone call.

“This is Jesse” he said as he flipped open the phone.

Anne Song's voice came over the line. “I hope you don't mind. I got your number from Xander,” she said nervously.

“Hey, Ann!  I've been thinking about calling you," Jesse said.

Anne laughed. “Well I beat you to it! Look, I was wondering if you want to go grab breakfast before i head to work.”

Jesse glance down at Ace and hesitated. “Well...”

Anne was quiet a moment and then said, “I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bother you. You said your life was crazy and I... I didn't mean to pressure you...  I'm sorry...”

Before Jesse could respond, he was looking at a blank screen.  Man... being a single-dad was hard work! Guess no one ever said it'd be easy.

Looking down at Ace, Jesse sighed.  “Come on, say 'Daddy'” he coaxed the toddler.

After awhile, Jesse put Ace down for a nap & crashed himself.  He dreamed of Anne.

When he woke up, he glanced at the clock.  It was right about the time she'd be getting off.  He called up his babysitter to see if he could come over and watch the kid, then waited anxiously until he'd arrived. Throwing on his coat, he hurried out.

Man, it as freezing out! Jesse thought as he huddled against the wind outside the business center.  Suddenly, his grand gesture was starting to feel a little stupid.  He rubbed his hands together quickly to try to warm them up a bit. 

Finally, Anne appeared.  When she saw him, a smile broke across her face.  “Jesse!” she said with surprise. “What are you doing here?”

Jesse hurried over to greet her. “I had to see you,” he explained.  "I couldn't stop thinking about you today."

Anne beamed.  "Really? Because I thought I'd kind of over-stepped..."

No!” Jesse protested sharply, reaching down to grab her hands, he added more gently, “No, it was great to hear from you.  You don't know how bad I wanted to grab breakfast with you this morning. It's just that... well, I had just sent my babysitter home."

“Wait, what?" Anne asked with alarm, pulling her hands away.  "A babysitter?  Are you married?”

Jesse shook his head. “No, single-dad here. I'm raising my son, Ace, on my own.”

Oh...” Anne said quietly. He could tell having a kid wasn't a mark in his favor. It just always seemed to be something...

“Maybe we could talk about it over dinner?” Jesse asked.

Anne hesitated a moment, then reluctantly agreed. “I think I'd like that,” she said. 

Over dinner, Jesse and Anne talked about their histories. Jesse told her about moving to town, leaving out the part about hiding from the law. He told her about meeting Zelda and getting his heart broken, only to find out that she'd gotten pregnant. And, he'd even told her that he would've married Zelda if she'd given him a chance. Sighing, he added, “But, I guess I'm lucky. It never would've worked out between us. She's too childish and flirty.”

Anne was quiet, staring absently in her coffee cup.

“So?” Jesse asked, feeling a little nervous. “Does that put me out of the running?”

Anne reached out and grabbed his hand. “I don't know, Jesse. I guess I just never thought I'd be dating a single dad, but... I couldn't stop thinking about you. Maybe we can give this a try... go slow... you know?”

Jesse squeezed her hand. “That sounds great.” Glancing down he looked at his watch and grimaced. Time for work already.  "As much as I hate to cut this short..." he said apologetically.

As he walked Anne outside, he pulled her into his arms for a hug. He leaned in for a kiss, worried that it wasn't going slow enough for her only to be surprised when she met him halfway.

He forced himself to pull away. “I think this is the start of something real good,” Jesse said.

Anne watched Jesse jog off and felt her heart beating rapidly. She couldn't wait to see him again...

Exhaustion hit Jesse the minute he stepped into the warehouse.  He'd been staying up late for work, waking up early with Ace & trying to spend as much time with Anne as possible during the day.  He was burning the wick at both ends...

Nick headed home after a long day, ready to drop any minute. He came home to Ace squalling and the babysitter just ignoring him. Son of a...

“What the hell?” he demanded. “What am I paying you for?” Jesse was gearing up for a fight when the kid took off running.

“Stupid, immature...” Jesse groused under his breath. If that kid showed up again, he'd teach him a lesson or two!  Turning to his son, he asked “What is it bud? What do you need?”

“Ba-ba,” Ace wailed pitifully.

“Bottle?” Jesse asked.  “You want your bottle?” Man, deciphering toddler was hard work sometimes...

Jesse slammed into the kitchen, enraged that he'd been paying a kid to take crappy care of his son.  He handed  the bottle to Ace.

His hectic lifestyle caught up with him & Jesse laid down on the couch, intending just to shut his eyes for a few seconds.
Thank God Ace was such a good kid.   He just played quietly by Jesse's feet.


  1. Nice to see Anne again :) Tsk tsk at the bad babysitter. I just adore Ace btw.

  2. Haha, totally agree! Jesse, you might need a new job, friend.