January 8, 2014

Jesse: Week Two, Day One

Tattoo: ??
Hot-headed:  Argued with Ayesha when she unintentionally insulted his manhood.

Jesse headed to work, not surprised to find it pouring like crazy. The rain definitely fit his sour mood.

Once inside, Ayesha elbowed him. “How'd it go last night lover-boy?” she asked.

Jesse just scowled.

Ayesha laughed. “Not good, eh. Well, maybe you should come out with us tonight. We're going to the movies.  Come on, it'll be fun.”

"I dunno. I'm not good company," Jesse "I'd really like to just go home, curl up on the couch and die."

Ayesha bumped him with her hip. “Please! You sound like a girl right now!  Come on, we're going to watch Psycho Podiatrists! What's not to love about it?  – violence – blood – general mayhem! I'll even let you share my popcorn," she grinned.

Jesse blinked as Ayesha strutted away.  Was she flirting with me? he wondered. 

Jesse watched Ayesha walk away, intrigued despite himself.. That chick was hard as nails and tough-talking. Jesse bet she didn't play childish games like Zelda...

After work, Jesse made his excuses and headed home.  He just wasn't up for company...

Jesse was about to walk inside when he noticed the red flag up on his mailbox.  Curious, he checked his mail.

Son of a...

It was a letter from Zelda telling him to never contact her again.  He wished he'd never sent that stupid love letter! It would've been nice to know she wasn't serious about him before he'd declared himself like some love-sick kid.
The prospect of spending the evening by himself at home suddenly tanked.  He turned around and headed downtown.

When Ayesha saw him she frowned. “So looks like the movie is sold out. Guess everyone loves a little blood and guts.”  She shrugged.  "We were just planning what else we could do."
Xander grinned. “Driiiiiiiink!”

"Sounds like a plan!"  Ayesha grinned back. “Drinking it is! Come on, Red! You can be our designated driver!”

“That's not fair,” Red complained. “Everyone gets to drink but me!”

Jesse laughed. “Don't worry, Red. You'll have the baby soon. In what? Five months?”

Red glared. “Smart asses don't get promotions.”

Ayesha laughed and stepped toward the street to hail a cab. “Come on guys, the night is wasting!”
Man, Ayesha could drink a man under the table!  Jesse was having a hard time keeping up with her!  Finally, somewhere around 1 in the morning, they stumbled from the diner.
"Man, you're wonderful, you know that, Ayesha? Real wonderful!"  Jesse staggered a little closer to her.  Mmm.... she smelled so good, he thought happily, sniffing her hair.

Ayesha laughed.  "Wow. You are wasted.  My place is right around the corner.  Come on over & sober up."

Jesse followed Ayesha and waited as she unlocked the door. 
Trying to appear charming, Jesse braced his arm on the wall and leaned in towards Ayesha.  "So, can I stay the night?" he asked.

Ayesha just laughed.  "Yeah.  With the shape you're in?  I think you're going to have to crash on the couch!"

Jesse didn't like the sound of that.  "Or... I could crash in your bed..."

Ayesha chuckled.  "Maybe if you were sober enough to know what you were doing."

"Hey!" Jesse said grouchily.  "I always know what I'm doing!"

Ayesha patted his shoulder.  "Come on, I'll get your some blankets," she said, grabbing his elbow to help him upstairs.

Jesse pulled away. "No!" he said mulishly.  "No! I'm not drunk! I'm completely snober!"

Ayesha rolled her eyes.  "Look.  You either come upstairs and crash on the couch or you get a taxi to take you home.  You're killing my buzz!"


Jesse remembered angrily pulling out his phone, but that was the last thing he remembered....

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  1. I hate to say it, but the criminals seem like a fun bunch :D I like Ayesha. Maybe she's the right kind of girl for Jesse?