January 8, 2014

Jesse: Week Two, Day Seven

Tattoo: Zelda look-alike on right forearm
Hot-headed: Fisticuffs with Parker Langerak over Zelda's honor.

Jesse should have been glad that Zelda was giving up the kid for adoption.  Neither one of them knew anything about having a kid and this way at least the kid would have a happy, loving family to grow up in.  

But, he still felt anxious for some weird reason.  Hoping to burn off the unease with exercise, Jesse headed straight over to the gym.

He'd just finished working out for 3 hours and was exhausted when he heard the place go quiet. He'd just started to look around when he heard someone yelling.

“JESSE BLACK! You scumbag!”

Jesse hopped off the machine and sized up the approaching guy. Look, I don't know who you are...” he started to say.

The guy rushed up to Jesse and shoved him hard.  “I'm Parker Langerak.  You know my Aunt Zelda well!"

Jesse stumbled from the shove, but managed to stay on his feet. “Maybe you should mind your own business” he yelled, shoving Parker back.  He sure as hell wasn't telling this little twerp his personal crap.

She's my family. It is my business.” Parker said, hitting his fist in his hand. “And I'm going to settle it right now!”

“You don't want to do this, kid...” Jesse warned.

“I'm not a kid!” Parker snapped and then charged at Jesse.

Jesse sighed and managed to put Parker into a choke-hold. “Give it up, kid.” he said. “You're not going to win this fight.”

Parker struggled for a few minutes and then gave up.

Jesse moved his leg behind Parker's and swept his feet out from under him, causing Parker to stumble to the ground.

Parker jumped up and glared for a moment.  "You don't even deserve to look at your son.  But, Aunt Zelda said to tell you," he snapped before turning and pushing through the crowd.

My son, Parker thought. Holy crap! Zelda had the baby! And it was a boy!  Jesse felt a little bit unsteady as he hurried from the gym. He was surprised he didn't fall down the stairs with all the coordination he was showing!

Somehow he made it over to Zelda's and rang the doorbell nervously.

She seemed to know he was on his way. “You came to see him?” she asked.

Where is he?” Jesse asked as he followed Zelda inside.

“Over there,” she said, pointing to the living room. “The social worker comes tomorrow morning to pick him up.”

Jesse stooped down and picked up his son.

It hit him then. He couldn't do this. He couldn't give his son away to someone else.

Turning, he told Zelda, “I'm taking him.” 

“What? Why?” Zelda asked with surprise.

"I just can't give him away.  He's my son..."

Zelda shrugged. “Whatever.  It doesn't matter to me.  I'm not going to raise him, though!”

"I won't expect you to,"  Jesse said as he left the house.  That actually worked out great for him.  The less contact with Zelda... the better...

Back home, he walked in and looked around at the run-down shack.  

Where was he going to put the kid? he panicked.  Putting his phone to his ear with his free hand, he called Red. “Umm... have I got a story for you...” he said in lieu of greeting.

Red had agreed to give him a day of unpaid vacation for him to get some stuff together. “You're going to need a crib, some toys, and ear plugs,” she told him.

Yeah, he was going to need alot of stuff...


  1. Oh my! Didn't expect THAT to happen!
    I'm going to link to this legacy so I can (hopefully) keep up with it! :D

    1. He couldn't leave his legacy son get sent to someone else to raise! :)

  2. Oh my goodness I love this! What a fun interesting read! I read all the updates and just decided to leave one comment on your latest one. I'm glad Jesse got the baby I just hope he is ready for the ride lol.

    Zelda, ugh, but what do you expect from a town floozy if what Xander said was true.
    Great updates can't wait for more!

    1. Thanks! It's been awesome playing! I'll have more updates soon (I played awhile before deciding to blog it.)

  3. Yay for baby! Haha, it was cute how he panicked when he got home. And Parker! I love Parker. <3

  4. Gosh, Jesse is such a sweetheart! <3 Zelda did NOT deserve him at all. Good riddance! I'm still rooting for Ayesha :D