January 8, 2014

Jesse: Week Two, Day Six

Tattoo: Zelda look-alike on right forearm
Hot-headed:  Disagreement with Xander over whether to joke about his parental status.

Jesse did not feel like celebrating anything.  So why was he here at Xander's for a stupid costume party?

When Xander saw him, he cried out, “Hey papa, how you doing?”

Jesse glared. 

“Too soon?” Xander asked.

"Way too soon," he sniped. 

"Aw, come on, bro.  Congratulations!"  Xander gave him a hug.  "Now, let's go party! Chicks love dads!  It's almost enough to make me go out & have one myself!"

Jesse shook his head.  Xander was crazy!

Jesse nodded and followed Xander inside. He gave an awkward smile and wave as Xander called out, “Hey everyone! This is Jesse! Jesse... this is everyone!”  Xander laughed at his own corny joke.

Across the room, the Zombie Lady caught his eye.

After working his way around the room, he decided to introduce himself.  “Hey, I'm Jesse,” he said, then felt immediately stupid. “But... I guess Xander just said that...” he trailed off.

Zombie Lady smiled. “Then I must be Everyone!” she teased.

Jesse glanced down. “Your costume is real...” he swallowed, “Real nice...”

Next to him, Xander elbowed him and whispered, “You go, bro! Go get 'er!”

Jesse kicked at Xander's ankle. Turning to Anne, he asked, “So, you wanna ditch this party and go have dinner?”

Sure,” she said, then hesitated. “Umm... you don't mind if I change clothes, do you? These leather pants are killing me!”

Jesse tried to hide his disappointment that she'd be losing the leather pants. “I'll get changed, too. We can meet at the diner. Sound good?”

“See you in 15!” she said, hurrying from the house.

Jesse waited at the front of the diner, wondering where Zombie Lady was. He'd been an idiot and hadn't asked her name or gotten her cell before heading out.  Looking around, he wondered where she was.

Just then, he noticed a lady nearby looking around, as well. “Looks like we both got stood up,” he said.

The lady turned around and glanced at him with surprise. “Jesse?” she asked.

“Yeah?” How the hell did this prim chick know his name?  Oh man... “Zombie Lady?”

"Zombie Lady?"  Then the lady laughed lightly. “I guess I didn't tell you my name!  I'm Anne Song,” she said, reaching her hand out to shake. When Jesse held his hand out, her gaze went straight to his tattoos. She hadn't seen those when he'd been wearing the long-sleeved doctor's coat. “Are those real?” she asked hesitantly.


“Oh,” she said.

Jesse's heart just about tanked in that instant. At the party she'd looked like a real lady-killer with tight leather pants & that sexy halter top. But, it seemed like in real life she was a prim & proper little miss.

Man, she had to be just as disappointed, though.  At Xander's party, he'd been dressed up like a doctor, all clean-cut and sophisticated. And here he was with tattoos, spikes and leather pants.

They couldn't be any more different...

But, there had still been a spark...  Shrugging, he thought he'd put the decision in her hands.  “Do you still want to get dinner?” he asked. Or go running home to mama? he silently added.

Anne hesitated a fraction of a moment before saying, “Dinner would be lovely.”

Jesse reached out and opened the door, “Then, after you, my lady.”

Jesse couldn't shake the feeling that he shouldn't be here.  Anne was real nice chick, but something was holding him back. What if he wasn't ready to date anyone else?  And if that was the case, then what was he doing sitting across from Anne, acting like he hadn't just had his heart ripped apart and discovered he was going to be a dad, even if in name only.

Finally, dinner wound down to an awkward halt.  As they headed outside, Jesse apologized. “Look, I had a real nice time," he said lamely. He inwardly cringed.  That had sounded like a classic brush-off line...

Anne nodded sadly.   “Yeah, okay.  I had a nice time, too. Thank you for dinner.” 

“I'm not blowing you off,” Jesse said quickly, feeling like he had to explain. “I just... my life is crazy right now...”

Anne nodded. “It's okay. You don't have to explain.  But, I had a great time and I'd love to see you again.  Here, I'll give you my number. Call me when your life settles down.”

Jesse put the slip of paper in his pocket. “I will, I promise...”


  1. Yay! Anne Song! I remember her being a sweetheart in my game. Hopefully Jesse doesn't put her foot in his mouth again!

    1. Lol, I really loved how he looked respectable at the party & she looked trashy. Then, at the diner, it's the complete opposite.